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  • This extension still works perfectly in Firefox 24, so long as the extensions.checkCompatibility & browser.tabs.onTop perfs are set to false in about:config
  • Hello
    i really love this add-on,, !!
    will you update or .. ??
  • I very like this addon. Please update!
  • I agree with Vilfjamz, it isn't clear why this one isn't more popular. For me it's (combined with faviconize) the only way to navigate intuitively through my whole tabs. There're other add-ons to colorize tabs, but no one to automatically use the page style.
    Please update for FF4!
  • Tried and succeeded in installing it in Firefox 4, and it kind of works, but it's not possible to distinguish the tab in focus from the other unfocused tabs.It seems that not a lot has to be done to make this extension compatible with Firefox 4, so please update it. I can't believe this extension hasn't meet more popularity!
  • I love this add-on. firefox add-ons like the most. But Will you work correctly in 3.6. Very pleased that you'll be supported.
  • Get some support with themes plz. In particular, the HalloFF theme. It's applying the color behind the tab's theme & not over it...
  • It works fine with FF 3.5 with "version hack" !!!
    1.Download the .xpi file
    2.Rename to .zip
    3.Extract install.rdf
    4.Edit install.rdf file to make this text (line 14):
    appear like this:
    5.Save changes and pack it back to the .zip file
    6.Rename the add-on file back to .xpi and install !!
  • It seems that can't Work with FF 3.5...
  • doesn't work at all. Using default theme, FF3, Arch Linux
  • I'm happy once more to have installed this extension. It used to be on the top of my priority extension's list. Now it's back, and I'm happy to have it there.

    Xavian-Anderson Macpherson
  • This is the perfect add-on for all that have many tabs open. SO MUCH fast then waiting for a mini tumbnail view of webpages (other add ons) you can see with one glance where the page is you are looking for! Unfortunately, sometimes the background color is the same as the tab name color... But for this you can change the color of the description with Tab Mix Plus, another excelent add-on
  • I love it!
  • Essa extensão é maravilhosa, é muito melhor do que outras do mesmo genero, visto que colore as abas com coerência integrando abas com respectivos sites. É Perfeita!!!!!!!
  • Very cool idea, it really improves the look of FF.
    But the mentioned problem of the false background color makes it sometimes just impossible to read the tab name. It would be a great improvement, if the color of the tab name had e.g. a border of the contrary color or something like that so you could always read the title properly.
  • ...on Linux. Running Ubuntu with FF-3 and this did nothing but place blk text on blk tabs (tried each setting with same results). Very disappointed after using this in FF on Windows XP (which works nicely). To bad. I'll have to find something else to replace it on Linux. :(
  • This is a pretty good Add-on for Firefox, but I wish it would change depending on where you scrolled to and where the tab was on the tab bar. I am going to keep this Add-on in my Add-ons, but disabled.
  • Works perfectly well and has nice options. Great: Automatic adjustment of text color for tabs depending on background color of page.
    But this is also a problem: If the background image is black but background color is white and you choose the background image option you will get black text on black background.
  • Update for FF3 please.
    Very good extention.
  • The author has a compatible version on his homepage: http://membres.lycos.fr/sethnakht/PageStyle2Tab.0.8.xpi

    I'd really like this, but there should be some option to distinguish the current tab when all tabs are colored. I've made its font bold and underlined in Tabmix Plus, but that's not easy enough to catch for the eye. The other option - color the current tab only - would make the plugin loose its purpose for me (to add informative and aesthetic marks to tabs).
  • Update for FF3
    Must have addon
  • Some suggestions:
    1. Make active tab more noticeable - may be bigger itself or bigger text
    2. If the text color and background color is similar, automatically generate text color by inverting background color
    3. May be if no background image is available extension may use predominant color of page?

    I'll follow for updates for this unic extension
  • with this extension & getting better all the time as more websites put some color or pattern as background. I should say "was" because unfortunately I've traced this extension to a bad case of screen jiggle (hence the downgrade to 8). Must be a conflict with some other extension that I now can't do without. What would make this one even better however is a way to make the active tab jump out. Perhaps a jagged colored line across the top of the tab or a series of tiny, brightly colored dots. I'm now playing with "Colorize Firefox 2.0 Active Tab" to look after that problem, but I sure miss PS2T.
  • Well, your idea was so appealing that I installed it. Then came the disappointment. -Almost all my tabs now show in white which actually makes them more difficult to distinguish than before. Therefore it is being uninstalled as soon as I finish writing this, sorry.

    P.S. In your defence: I suppose this is because most pages use white for their styles? Oh well...
  • Creates a fresh, dynamic "browsing atmosphere". The browser BECOMES the page. Super cool!
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