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  • Très simple à utiliser. Le résultat est immédiat.
  • 很好用啊,方便
  • very good
  • This extension is unparalleled. Please upgrade it.
    Thanks for your review. Our upgrade path is our Page Saver WE extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/pagesaver-we/
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  • 使い勝手どころか、何をどうすればよいのか不明。以前の操作性に戻して欲しい。
    Page Saver WE is our replacement for this add-on. Please use it in Firefox 57 (Quantum) and newer.
  • 火狐应用商店里面最好的截图工具,其他截图工具点了截取整个网页后,都会一屏一屏的自动滚下去,再去拼接起来,很慢,而且还很容易出差,出现错位拼接的情况。这个Pearl Crescent Page Saver screenshot tool 则不会出现这个问题,一点就立马出现保存弹窗,点击就可以立刻保存,速度快,效率高,一点错误都没有。很早以前用过,现在再次找到了。赞赞赞666666666
  • Muito obrigado pelo Page Saver Screenshot Tool!
    Essa ferramenta é muito útil.
    Esse aplicativo merece doação!!
  • ※日本語表記対応
  • Consider adding PDF to PCPS! Of course with working links, etc. Too many addons come close but never work or are online scam versions that capture other info, etc. I snapshot into Evernote, etc..because their webclipper SUCKS...and never retains the original page look.

    Even if you can't add PDF save...at least add ability to be able to "click" on link that is saved, if it is selected..so a user can go back to it later if needed.

  • UPDATE: My apologies! Today, in my add-ons list, PCPS showed as waiting for a restart to update. I have no idea what happened or why, but it's working fine now. Hallelujah! :D

    Just switched to Firefox 51.0.1 and for the first time in years, PCPS won't run. Keeps telling me it failed to save image because of a "file type error." It's always been one of my favorite tools, hate to see it die.
    I am sorry about this problem. Is multiprocess mode (also known as electrolysis or e10s) enabled in your Firefox? If it is, you will need to turn it off in order for Page Saver to work correctly. To disable multiprocess mode, open the about:config page and set both of the following preferences to 'false':
    Restart Firefox after changing these preferences.

    We are working on a new multiprocess compatible Page Saver (based on the new WebExtensions API) but it is not yet available from addons.mozilla.org.
  • Used to be simply the best screenshot extension -- clean, reliable, etc. So much so, staff here bought a dozen+ copies, back when it was still "buy" rather than "free, but contribute". And recommended it to everyone who asked ...

    Since then, and the arrival of E10S in FF, it's non-functional. Repeated communications with the developer just get "looking into it" or "working on it" . A few MONTHS later, still nothing.

    Repeated empty promises over time == abandonware.

    We hear your frustration. Migrating Page Saver to the e10s architecture turned out to be more time-consuming than we anticipated, and unfortunately other work has gotten in the way of us completing that project. And in truth it may make sense to migrate to the new WebExtension API at the same time (but doing so will require us to remove some important Page Saver features such as command line support, so that is not an easy decision for us).

    I will add that for most people lack of e10s support is not currently a big problem because e10s is not enabled by default in Firefox when incompatible add-ons are present. But enabling e10s enhances security and stability in important ways, so I understand why you want to turn it on.
  • 画面には表示されていないページも含めて、 スクリーンショット(画像で保存すること)ができます!

    (一般的な)スクリーンショット機能では、ディスプレイに表示されている範囲内に限定されて、Capture(画像コピー)されますが、この Addon 「Pearl Crescent Page Saver screenshot tool 」を使用すれば、
    ① Full-Capture(ページ全体を “一発で” 画像コピー)ができます。
    ② Capture 範囲を 自在に指定できます。
    ③ Capture 方式は、PNG(可逆性圧縮)/JPEG(非可逆圧縮)の2方式をサポートしています。
    申し分の無い仕上がりで、 「Screen-Shot」機能の決定版として、推奨します!
  • Gook work!
  • 所选区域截图无法下拉滚动页面截取,希望支持下拉滚动页面截图,谢谢!
  • It works fine with Firefox 45.0.2 (x86) and Cyberfox 45.0.3 (x86) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

    Thanks Kathleen and Mark for this excellent extension.
  • I really love this addon from the option to play a sound, to the filename options, all the way to the keyboard shortcuts. It also tends to correctly save most content whereas some others cannot. It is well made.

    I did have an issue after beta testing Firefox 46 with e10s on. Upon doing that it stopped working. Even when downgrading back to Firefox 45.0.1 with e10s off it still had problems where the dialog box would never popup for either the options or to save anything. What worked to fix it was removing the addon and then re-installing it. For those having issues you may want to give removing and then reinstalling the addon a shot as it just might work for you too.

    One feature suggestion: Add the option to capture a screenshot from all tabs to the right. This is extremely helpful for power users who want to save many tabs and would be a big time saver! Add this feature and not only will I throw in a few bucks but I pledge to also personally spread the word about the extension and the killer feature to at least 20 other sites! :)
  • No longer working with FF 45.0.1

    Removed and re-installed, still not capturing images. Menus continue to operate, but no pics means I'm stuck with Nimbus or something else, PLEASE FIX !
    I am sorry that Page Saver is not working. But it does work for me on Mac OS in Firefox 45.0.1. Please tell us more about your Firefox setup: OS/platform, which other add-ons are installed, and so on. You can contact us directly by emailing support@pearlcrescent.com
  • In Image Capture Options set 200% for Size of saved image...and you will have it in retina!
  • Even if the picture size is big, the setting which can be preserved wants.
  • I am using this tool for a long Time, but now it captures only displayed area of a web page even when is setuped to capture whole page :-(
    I am sorry about this problem. Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce it. Please contact us via support@pearlcrescent.com and send us the URL of a page that is not captured correctly, the version of Firefox you are using, and the platform you are running on (e.g., Windows 7 64-bit). Thanks!
  • Five other addons that I tried silently failed to save a screenshot of a problematic webpage while this one partially succeeded telling me that the page was too large to get a complete whole-page-screenshot.... at least it didn't silently fail and it saved a partial screenshot.

    The page in question was: https://www.flickr.com/groups/gimpusers/discuss/72157604952794977/