35 reviews for this add-on
  • This is great and helpful extension.... Thanks
  • Using it a few years now but it stopped working now.
  • Does not work
  • i m using this since 2011 and it works good for me
  • checked few of these add-ons to better understand pagerank score, and this one works the best. It is very light. 2 thumbs up.
  • Very good.
  • faster lighter and great thanks...
  • Hi, it is a light and useful tool for the daily SEO work, despite it has some flaws. Lately, can't say exactly when, the PR indicator just dissapeared, nowhere to be seen... Any clue?
  • It doesn't appear anywhere. Not sure how it is supposed to work
    We are releasing new version of addon. Its already in review queue. You can download and try it.
  • Nice Addon if it would only work.. just shows Alexa rank, google doesnt work, hasnt been updated for ages
    We are releasing new version of addon. Its already in review queue. You can download and try it.
  • Great page rank tool , thanks to making great tool for us.
  • Very good add on. We use it all the time.
  • perfect for checking page rank. easy to download as plugin in firefox and chrome
  • The plugin is absolutely amazing! I love it! Thank you so much!
  • When I check ranking first time of any website then ranking appear correctly. Now I switch the multiple tabs so I saw same ranking for all other websites which a very huge issue.
  • Good Add on to use...
  • Good aad On
  • Its nice add-on . Only one thing need to do .i.e increase the font size of display font
  • Works great!
  • Nice and simple tool. Works for 9 out of 10 times
  • This addon works quite well but the font in the toolbar is too small and not clear enough. Please fix this as soon as possible, thank you.
  • Works great with Firefox 10. use it since google toolbar not working with Firefox 4.0.
    Thanks Lisa, Please check our new feature. Alexa Rank.
  • Well trust me. I spent almost 2 hours trying to find out why my web page lags (I'm a web developer). And then when I disabled this addon everything was working smooth again. Download it at your own risk. Checked with operating system Windows 7 64bit.
    Fixed the bug mentioned by you. Thanks for reporting this bug. We are now doing all the requests asynchronous. So it will not cause any lag or delay. Please try the addon again and give me your feedback. Thanks
  • It is not working for me! It is not even showing my page rank for my website www.indezoo.com
    Hi Indezoo, Its working for your site and showing the Correct Pagerank 4. Google Pagerank take some time to get updated and its variable. Please use the addon and give me the review again. Thanks for using the addon.
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