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  • My FAVORITE add-on & on this new PC I have 42 already added in addition to this! Hey, guys,this has been in experimental mode for quite a long time. Get on with it & make it official! It's strange that I took the chance as I typically use add-ons that have huge following but it sounded perfect & it's function is superb. I'm really glad I've put this on my PC's!

  • Easier to use than the standard ones, and pretty :)

  • Love it! I've tried several different zoom add-ons and this one has been the best for me so far. Plus it hasn't slowed down my browser like others have.

  • Works with Firefox Nightly 10.01a. The only gripe I have is that you should have let us adjust the zooming percentages our selves. You should give people as many options as you can so that we can customize it. Also I thought I read that it suppose to save each website's zoom, but it's not working. I don't know if that's because I have an add-on watching my 3rd party cookies or what. But it does not save. Almost perfect, just needs a few more things for 5 stars.

  • Makes Firefox's Zoom feature so much more useable. For me, this is a must-have extension.

    I do agree with brawd's comment: having an option to reverse the scroll function would be nice (scroll down = zoom in).

  • thx flazz;) I was looking for a zoom in/out addon that has a reset-view button to teamed with the -/+ ones.
    I was to check the config, but before doing I hit the "ctrl" scrolling the wheel back and forth. It just work as it is without any addon ;)) good thing (all addons I had in ff3.6 are wild-carded to work in minefield6+ which is what I use now. FF4.0.12 kept crashing for nuts after updates to FF4, FF4.1. True I could do a clean-up and rollback, but FF6 is fine for now;))


  • Never mind that it works perfect! Firefox had the zoom text only selected as default

  • a lot of people like it to zoom in when scrolling backwards.

    is there a way to do so with the addon/extension "Page Zoom Buttons"?

    in normal firefox, there is an "about:config" setting that lets you change whether it zooms in or out, when scrolling fwd of backward while pressing the Cntrl key. That setting is "mousewheel.withcontrolkey.numlines", and if you change the integer value to "-1", pulling the mousewheel backwards will Zoom In.

    i looked, but could not find an "about:config" setting for the addon/extension "Page Zoom Buttons" that would let me Zoom In by pulling back and Zoom out by scrolling fwd.

    that would get five stars!



  • Ingenious!

  • Other resizing addons & apps conflicted w/my various mice software / customizable features & presets. PZButtons has zero effect on how each mouse functions. That had been such an annoyance to me prior to using this addon that it was worth mentioning a 2nd time. Also, this addon has consistently worked perfectly with each new release of Firefox since I discovered it a while back.

    Still can't think of how this could be upgraded except for maybe providing more of a variety of buttons for different themes (cosmetics only, not function). Thanks again!

    (Running Firefox 3.6.11 + Win Vista x64)

    Developer response

    I really appreciate your continued support for Page Zoom Buttons.
    I'm actually working on more styles for the buttons, including ones to match native OS themes.
    Great suggestion.


  • I find this to be one of the MUST HAVE extensions! I find so many pages too small for me to read, particularly on a netbook. It also seems to work on FF 4 bets - I altered the install.rdf. I hope this gets officially updated as Firefox grows.

  • Funciona muy bien .

    Ojalá lo actualicen para la nueva versión de Firefox que ya viene pronto.

  • Wow, you seem to have left out a valuable feature, this also remembers the zoom for each web page!!! So now, this one has also replaced NoSquint for me. Kudos!

  • works perfectly

  • I just installed this zoom add-on and it works perfectly. Thanks and great work!

  • This is the perfect Zoom extension for me. It is an essential add-on for me. I placed the red zoom button beneath the awesome bar. Now I can adjust the text size of any website to the available screen space, just by moving the mouse wheel while hovering over the red button. I cannot imagine how awkward surfing would be for without this add-on. Thank you! And it's free, too!

  • Perfect add-on for this HTPC. Scales pages with a single button.

  • Very Good Extension. The Only Problem I see with this is that I cant just right click any where on the page and click Zoom in Zoom out and Reset.

    Would be so much better if that could also be added.


  • Great work

  • Awsome...straight forward....many thanks....

  • I love this extension! It works great.

    It would be nice if i could use it also in Thunderbird 3.0 !!!


  • Its Ok now, i got around the Scroll Wheel Zoom problem, by adjusting my Mouse Properties. Knocked it back to 2 clicks instead of 3 of the Wheel.. Works Fine now..More Incremental stages.. Caio..

  • Excellent, with several method Choices as well.
    I prefer the RED Scroll-Zoom Feature. Only one drawback on mine is that the Scoll gives Full Zoom +/- with one click of mouse wheel. Another one or two incremenatl stages would have been good.
    Thanks, Paul..

  • The most fantastic Addon I have ever used. Because of the great functionality and performance I would recommend this addon to everyone.

    Thank You very very much

  • Excelent add-on for us;presbyopic ones.
    The lack of this kind of feature was the main reason of the move to Opera in the past.
    Now I`m with Firefox again.