PERFECT - Complete, Easy & Thoughtfully Presented Rated 5 out of 5 stars

AMAZING - Best In Class! This has Everything one could ever need tho after some experimentation, discovered I really only require the one Red Button that DOES IT ALL using just the mouse but via wheel scroll & wheel click to reset to 100%, also left & right mouse buttons. No having to use both hands to resize, or having to use keyboard plus mouse.

Only Complaint is that PZB is not yet available on ALL BROWSERS since no other browser has anything nearly as complete & instantly customizable as this. And just in case I've overlooked this set of tools for other browsers in my searches, I also use Google Chrome, Opera, & occasionally Safari for Windows. Is PZB yet available for use with any of those other browsers? (perhaps listed under a different name?).

Very thoughtfully produced & presented. A million thanks from me, my eyes, and my neck that are never strained when I have access to this addon.

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