Great freah idea for an add-on! No more new and immediately dismissed tabs with this add-on here to step in! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is so much better than opening a new tab in order to just get a small piece of information and then closing the tab immediately. It's one of those add-ons that come along and makes me wonder why somebody didn't come up with that sooner because it now seems so obvious that it belongs. Eric Vold has the certainly got to be a creative man to have come up with something so fresh and unique as this add-on! Being that this is version 0.1 I feel lucky to have found it at it's early stage and with it being v0.1, that means that there is probably going to be quite a lot of additional features added to it over time. Hopefully the development of Page Portal will continue well into the future, I think that it has the potential to become a very popular add-on that will land in many peoples 'must have' xpi bin! Hopefully resizing the panels is on the to do list for this puppy!