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  • Not sure whats going on with that, but I'm happy :)

  • I was going to use the addon in firefox, but due to the way Mozilla "Phazed out" "Old Style" addons this doesn't work anymore. I will stick with Lynx for browsing the gopherspace, but I hope that there will be an update that fixes this.. Thank you

    Developer response

    I appreciate you're frustrated, but a bad review because Mozilla hasn't provided us with the needed APIs is pointless. Please point your displeasure at them. See the blurb for the gaps in WebExtensions that need to be fixed.

  • If you're tired of the winding tunnels of trying to navigate the Web in a safe manner, tired of advertisements, and/or tired of corporatism taking over spaces that are supposed to be community-oriented, try this add-on. There are known Gopher portals for places like Wikipedia, so you can still access some useful places over Gopherspace. Additionally, the protocol is very simple and hosting your own gopherhole is incredibly easy. I've considered moving all of my articles and text content to the protocol, and the experience that Overbite provides is a large part of that.

    The only thing keeping me from awarding a 5-star rating is a lack of clear documentation on creating themes, and seemingly no option to select text encoding. Some gopherholes use UTF-8, and it'd be nice to be able to set that as the default. It's possible to change it on a temporary basis using Firefox's built-in View -> Text-Encoding menu option, but it doesn't stick.

    Overall, a fine extension that covers 95% of what you would need it for in terms of a Gopher browser.

  • Doesn't work in Nightly. ("The address wasn't understood")

    Developer response

    How about a bug report, instead of a review? NIghtly is expected to have bugs, after all.

  • Gopher support for Firefox was once a core feature. OverbiteFF restores this support to Firefox with aplomb.

    This is much needed as Gopher is experiencing a minor renaissance, and with good reason! Gopher offers a contemporary alternative to the bloated web and its myriad distractions. It is bandwidth efficient and eschews the machinations of big data. As one new to gopher, I dearly appreciate the effort and attention which goes into the development of OverbiteFF.

    Pros: Firefox in gopherspace. Inline file type support.
    Cons: The Overbite default look is a bit blobby and webby for my taste; supposedly one can skin it. See gopher://gopher.floodgap.com/0/overbite/dbrowse?pluginm%203 But this can't be done in-addon as there is no options menu. WYSIWYG it ain't.

    All in all, the OverbiteFF is an epic and needful addition to Firefox for a feature which really ought to have been supported by default.

  • I always liked gopher. I even made a website or two with a gopher-style interface (as I remembered it from my VAX/VMS days) http://retro.naplesplus.us/ - haven't updated in years and more of an experiment. [feel free to copy the CSS - real simple].

    Anyway, I'm glad to be able to look at it again. I'm going to work on setting up a gopher server and translate my main website (where I've been dumping everything I've ever written anywhere, regardless of context to at http://icopiedyou.com - meaning I copied my stuff from someone else's site that was _my_ words...) anyway... it should be fun. Will anybody ever see my gopher site once I get it up and mirroring? Who knows. But I love being able to shake an old-fashioned stick at GenZ and say, "Oh, you like your high security eh? Well, what about a protocol that you don't know about? hehe". I'm gong to have fun with this. Veronica - where are you? [or was it Archie? Eh, been a long time.

  • I'd heard of Gopher before, but never tried it until someone pointed at this addon, so I can't tell whether it's missing any major features. So far it has functioned flawlessly on all of the pages/sites I tried it on, and the mere feat of adding support for an old protocol is impressive enough that IMHO it deserves 5 stars.

    That said, I really hope that in the future it will respect our browser's page color/font defaults (the stark white hurts my eyes/head pretty quickly)... Or at the very least use whatever the basic colors were for Gopher sessions back in its heyday.

    PS. There's now fewer than 100 gopher sites left! They're supposed to be easy to write & there's free providers, so we should try to make little personal sites, info caches, whatever we can to keep Gopher from going extinct. (I'll update with my site url here as soon as I make it and recommend others do the same.)

  • In order to also make this look nice, you can use this style: http://userstyles.org/styles/95379

    It would be nice if this was part of the core implementation.

  • Funciona pefeitamente!
    Mais rápido que P.

  • works on opensuse11.4 with firefox 12

  • If you've never used Gopher, you NEED to have a peek at this addon. This is what the Internet USED to be like before advertising and "(anti)social networks" took over. Clean, fast, pure information.

  • Thanks to this add-on, I'm now able to browse the last bastion of freedom on the Internet. No spam, no evil, just pure, sweet gopherspace. I'm disappointed that Firefox has removed gopher support starting with 4.0, but thanks to this addon, gopher lives on. Thank you, overbite.

  • Keep the soul alive!

  • Thank you for keeping gopher alive!

  • OverbiteFF is simply the best Gopher client for Windows -- plug-in, stand-alone, whatever. It combines the transparency of the old build-in Gopher support with a greatly improved interface. Perhaps the first graphic Gopher client to equal the cleanness and efficiency of text-based clients.

  • Has a much better layout for gopher than original Firefox, has support for all common item types, and for URL links. Works perfectly.

  • Works well with menus and text not particularly good with URLS, graphics, sound files and pdf files.
    SeaMonkey is a better alternative

  • This add-on makes Firefox the best cross-platform gopher client available. It unlocks a wealth of information hidden from the HTTP-world.

  • ...brings gopherspace into the 21st century.

  • I'm using that addon for a while now as a pre-release was available on the flooadgap gopher mailinglist. In my opinion this plugin works very stable and pretty much covers all commonly found gopher protocol variants.

    In fact the author is very responsive when it comes to dealing with bug reports.

    Thus I can safely rate 5 stars.


  • As Firefox lost its native support for Gopher this is pretty much the only way to view gopher pages on Windows and it does a great job of it too!

  • Implements an entire protocol in Javascript. What's not to like?