Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Add on nice, but!!!
1. Beaware this plug in connects to their server everytime you do anything with it, it collects your data and who knows what data it uses! (you may check it on Outwit tab panel, you'll see that it uses Outwit server - everytime!)
2. It's LIMITED!!! They limited image downloads to 100, what a shame! If you need download more - PAY?! There are tons of other add ons here for FREE, and why we need to pay for future, that is already done free everywhere you look. This is really bad marketing idea.

So for now i say good luck and uninstall this really nice plug in with very major disadvantages: SECURITY and Limits... Who knows, maybe they cahnge their marketing director...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Once again, THE APPLICATION DOES NOT COLLECT OR TRANSMIT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOU! If an http query is made on startup, it is only to check the line and the local IP address displayed in the upper left corned of the Hub's interface. We are currently working on the preference panel and it will soon allow a precise control by the user over all queries, including these.
We are firmly against spamming and the protection of our users privacy is our foremost concern.

Concerning the limitations, you can help us test the full application and get a free beta tester serial number, until version 1.0 is released. When it comes out, yes, we will still propose the Light version for free and start selling the Pro version. We unfortunately do need to generate revenues, and the light/pro system seems rather standard practice. But the Light version will remain a very powerful free tool, not just a demo, and it will not be limited in time. (If you need to collect hundreds of items, however, we tend to think it means your usage is rather professional, or at least that the program is useful enough for you to contribute.)