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  • Great tool. Was very confusing at first, but after I have learned it, the tool became irreplaceable. Thanks!
  • The Jobs should support running scrapers on a schedule. Yet, in the current version (3.0 beta) the only type of action which can be programmed in Jobs is a macro. In reality, I couldn’t make my scraper scheduled run. Should i create a scraper, wrap it in macro and schedule it then? Kind of hook around.
  • The beta versions were already nice, but, since the release of version 1.0, the Hub has been an absolute must for data collection. I have 3 different extraction jobs executing every day and automatically feeding an SQL database. One of them couldn't be done with ANY of the many tools I have tried (paying or free). The updates are frequent and the support is fast and efficient... and was so even before I actually purchased the pro version, which deserves a special mention.
  • I have been using other software to extract useful data from webpages for a few years. Outwit Hub (this current version) saves about 50% of the time compared to a $700+ software I was using. I am confident that future versions will improve the gap.

    For scrapping simple sets of data, for example all emails, all images outwit is great. For medium complexity data like pages with php, javascript that are 'protecting' the emails/images, then a bit more work is needed. Learning how to use simple regular expressions to pinpoint the starting marker of the data, and combining with macros will solve 95% of the data extraction needs. The rest you need to know how to combine the data together using excel, know a bit of HTML and programming to get the links or queries correct to get at the other 5%.

    Outwit will get a 5 star if they can get the documentations, tutorials up and ready. Plus some new features like scripting, ability to combine several 'catch' into a single row.

    Overall, this software allows you to do most of you work fast and lean. It will be a good investment to save you a lot of time compared to more costly alternatives
  • This is an update to an earlier review where I noted that support was lacking.

    I am an impatient person and when I didn't receive replies to either of my inquiries, I made note of that in my review (that I cannot seem to edit).

    Shortly after making my review and noting the lack of response, I got a reply from Outwit that totally answered my questions.

    The tool is awesome. It's saving me a ton of time (remember, I'm impatient). It really has a lot of useful features, too. Don't know how I lived without this one for so long. Man, if I'd have known last time I manually extracted a bunch of data from a web page...that would have rocked!

    Suffice it to say, this add-on is a must-have for anybody who uses the web in any sort of data extraction capacity.

  • This will really speed up repetitive tasks that once took me ages. It'll also enable me to gather useful data from the web in ways I hadn't thought of before. I use other Firefox add-ons but this is the first one I've gone to the trouble of reviewing because it rocks so much.
  • It's simple: I am saving at least 15mn every single weekday thanks to you.
  • I tried different screen scraper applications for my job, and a friend told me about this one. It's a very powerful tool, unfortunately quite complex to use. If you could do a "point and click" interface for oldies like me, I think you could multiply your users by 1000 in a month. It tooks me some days to understand scrapers, and some others to dare using macros...

    But now, WAOW, it replaced my three hours web grabbing of each morning by a fifteen minutes work to get the perfect excel files I want !
    Great job.
  • I was a regular user of Outwit Images and it took me a while to get to Outwit Hub. I thought it was going to be more difficult. Now, I am hooked. It is an incredible tool to collect... well whatever. I just asked for an temp serial number for the beta of the pro version. After a few tests, the macros and jobs look great! Thanks a lot. This will save me so much time!
  • Add on nice, but!!!
    1. Beaware this plug in connects to their server everytime you do anything with it, it collects your data and who knows what data it uses! (you may check it on Outwit tab panel, you'll see that it uses Outwit server - everytime!)
    2. It's LIMITED!!! They limited image downloads to 100, what a shame! If you need download more - PAY?! There are tons of other add ons here for FREE, and why we need to pay for future, that is already done free everywhere you look. This is really bad marketing idea.

    So for now i say good luck and uninstall this really nice plug in with very major disadvantages: SECURITY and Limits... Who knows, maybe they cahnge their marketing director...
    Once again, THE APPLICATION DOES NOT COLLECT OR TRANSMIT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOU! If an http query is made on startup, it is only to check the line and the local IP address displayed in the upper left corned of the Hub's interface. We are currently working on the preference panel and it will soon allow a precise control by the user over all queries, including these.
    We are firmly against spamming and the protection of our users privacy is our foremost concern.

    Concerning the limitations, you can help us test the full application and get a free beta tester serial number, until version 1.0 is released. When it comes out, yes, we will still propose the Light version for free and start selling the Pro version. We unfortunately do need to generate revenues, and the light/pro system seems rather standard practice. But the Light version will remain a very powerful free tool, not just a demo, and it will not be limited in time. (If you need to collect hundreds of items, however, we tend to think it means your usage is rather professional, or at least that the program is useful enough for you to contribute.)
  • Guys, this is the most incredibly overlooked gem on the Firefox planet!
    I was already happy to discover the light version a few weeks ago, but I just found out and tested the latest version: it's a life saver for researchers.
    why isn't it at the top of the list? Compared to the thousands of (nice) little tools we find on add-ons, this is simply the mother of all FF extensions. I don't know how I can have missed it for so long.
  • i like this program very much. Just want to tell that i have never found such a program images collecting like this before. It helped me a lot. Wonderful! Thanks!
  • Superb add-on. I've been using it to make lists of URLs on various web pages. Very flexible and powerful! Thanks.
  • Worked great for grabbing/parsing/exporting data of html tables.
  • Just an amazing tool !
    this advanced grabber is just the best one.

  • started with another outwit app "Images" and now am hooked on Outwit. outwit hub is good for mining data off the web. hoping for automation in next update tho...
  • Absolutely essential add-on. Will it be available for 3.1b3 / 3.5 soon? Please?
    Sorry it took so long, but it was difficult to assure compatibility with the new versions and the previous at the same time. It's done. Thanks for your impatience.
  • Awesome find.

    This software is a worthwhile tool if you are looking to build a database of existing information on the internet. It is more advanced than many other add-ons for Mozilla and it is a pleasure to come across such a sophisticated platform. I especially like the ingenious browse, auto browse and digg functions. Will be eager to see what they come up with next.

    Thank you.
  • Outwit Hub relies on a simple idea —saving and exporting data from sites as you browse— but it is obvious that the programming behind is quite advanced.

    In spite of this, I found that it was relatively easy to figure out the scrapers when I finally found the online tutorials (fyi they're on their blog).

    This definitely is a very helpful tool and I would strongly recommend it to those who know what extracting and organizing large amounts of data means.
  • OutWit Hub is sweeeeeet. As an intern quite low on the feeding chain, this tool has saved my life for going through sites and getting data for price comparison spreadsheets. Download this
  • This app collects a LOT of information about YOU. At the time of this review, there is no privacy statement on the Outwit website.

    What level of data are they collecting about you?
    Who has access to that info?
    What are they doing with all the data they collect?

    The web is a dangerous place be very careful with your identity!
    YOUR PRIVACY IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE. No data is saved or transmitted by the application. We do not receive or keep any information whatsoever, except of course for direct feedback emails or bug reports, in which case the information is only used to interact with our users in order to solve their problems.
  • I request support for linux 64 bit. I added a negative review a week ago, but i see it has been deleted...
    But, after testing it on vista, i think this addon has an exciting future ahead
  • This is by far the best add-on I've ever used. I use this software for everything from searching for images, finding Docs, buying things on the web, finding new restaurants and even doing apartment searches. In fact, I never search the web anymore without it. I’ve built scrapers for all my fave websites without any knowledge of RegExps or having ever used a scraper before. Check out the online tutorials on outwit.com. They were really helpful in getting started. I can’t wait for what’s coming next….
  • Honestly, and i say this without hyperbole, this is the best piece of software I have ever used. In three minutes I finished a research project that would have literally taken hours, probably about 12 hours done in three minutes. i could not find a link to donate to this project, but of there is one, please, append it to this comment.
  • La nouvelle interface utilisateur est très sympa. Et merci pour la version Française !
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