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  • 能增加字体颜色就好了,还有增加一个 便签的透明度.add fond color,
    search by tag 不能模糊搜索!
  • Go to https://www.codewars.com and try to solve any task with this Add-on enabled.. It breaks the website
  • If you used INTERNOTE in the past, this is very similar. Customizeable colored notes of any sizes and quantity attached to any position of the page of any URL, which appear consistently on each visit. You can also import and export all of your notes. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
  • Love the idea, please keep working on it, to make it one of the big addons :)
  • I had to disable this extension because it prevents RideWithGPS.com (a route planning web site for cyclists) from saving routes. Once this is fixed (if ever), I will re-enable it.
  • Sadly, this plugin prevents htts://supportsystem.com (a website that provides a customer support ticket system) from working properly. Specifically, when you try to close a ticket, you don't get the next prompt to give a reason, the screen just goes dark. I enabled/disabled about 20 plugins in my Firefox one at a time before I discovered this.
  • Very useful addition, highly personalized, but the synchronization does not work - I will try to synchronize the "json" file with third-party software. I hope to see working native synchronization. Thanks!
  • Login feature doesn't work, I logged with both fb and google but the red lettered message saying you are not logged in persists.

    The red colored message is also really annoying being the first thing you see whether you want/use it or not once you click on the addon's icon.

    It's a promising addon due to its customization features but the login function needs to go unless it becomes truly supported.
  • I like this extension because it allows leaving sticky notes on websites you visit to review them upon return and each note also serves as a form of bookmark which will take you to that same site you left the note on. What I cannot seem to do with it is log in to sync between browsers in Firefox Quantum and I hope this is fixed or someone can tell me why so I can fix the issue. I'm still rating it 5 stars just because I think it's a great add on anyhow and reminds me of the controversy of having used uTok (Users Tree of Knowledge) app years ago which angered website owners because it allowed people to leave notes of any nature for other uTok users to view and those notes used their site bandwidth to view. This doesn't do any of that, but I still wish it had that feature! Not because I think it's alright to use someone's site bandwidth up, but because it's a great way to share sites people visit and like with the reasons they do (or dislike whichever might be the case)
  • Has some really nice features, such as pinning, tags, and markers next to the scrollbar to show note positions, but a bit glitchy, so still needs some improvements. Another reviewer mentioned that it pastes what's in the clipboard into the note when resizing it, so I tested that out, and I find similar behavior, but not quite as they described. It's not doing it every time, but most times, and it's not pasting what's in the clipboard, but rather "moz-extension://47d7522b-6186-4883-a143-5af081a16cc8/img/resizeCorner.gif" (without the quotes). Also, when the page is focused (click on the page outside of the note) then I try to select that text, the selection "breaks." First it was keeping the first few characters on each line selected, then the next several would be unselected, then the rest would be selected, and now it's keeping the first four on each line selected and the rest are unselected. I also had a note jump from the middle of the page to the bottom, where it stayed for a few seconds before jumping back to the middle. This happened shortly after pinning it and then scrolling. And finally, enabling "advanced features" doesn't appear to do anything.

    If these issues are fixed, and if the ability to set a default position (I like to always have new notes open in the top-right corner by default) and size are added, this would easily be a 4+ star addon. If Internotes notes could be imported and if there could either be an option to make left-clicking the icon create a new note instead of opening the popup menu and make the menu accessible either via the right-click menu or by clicking the icon with a modifier, or else just adding a second icon/button to create a new note, it would be 5-stars for sure (if syncing isn't important to you, since it seems there's issues with that). I'll definitely be watching this one, since I'm in desperate need of a replacement for Internotes.
  • Unique and useful feature, but it needs to improve the UI.
  • It looks perfect, I'm impressed.
  • Excellent! I once used QuickNote for simple notes, but it became legacy after new FF. OurStickys is good enough for me. The notes are movable and are showed on each page.
  • I have used this Add-on for organizing and filtering literature in several tabs while writing a thesis.
    It was a great help and worked exactly the way I wished such an Add-on would do :).
    I didn't use or require the sync future so I can't tell anything about that specific functionality.
  • Sync is fake
  • 5 stars for the idea, one star for the execution - mostly the issues with signing in to sync, and the apparently non-functional import/export function in Firefox. Just move to a new laptop and lost 60+ stickies - the program exports to a file, but when I import the same file on another computer nothing happens. For this reason you cannot rely on this extension for anything that you care about keeping.
  • Great extension, seems to do all it says it will... just one shortcoming that's a deal-breaker for me. :-( It can't seem to determine between sub-pages (frames?) on a secure site. For example, I do IT, and the system that we use gives a list of our client's computers down the left side of the screen and the details for whatever computer you've selected, on the right. Putting a sticky on the right side and then selecting another computer from the list on the left doesn't change the sticky, even though the page URL in the address bar changes. I'd like to be able to make notes on individual sub-pages. Great work, though!
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