Awseome! Works perfectly. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I used to use the Organize Status Bar extension ALL the time, but I stopped using it when Mozilla removed the status bar from Firefox.

I later discovered the Status-4-Evar extension that adds the Status Bar back to Firefox, but by that time Organize Status Bar was no longer compatible with current versions of Firefox.

Recently I installed the FEBE extension, and even though I set it to hide its status bar icon, for some reason it kept loading on startup before disappearing several seconds later (which really annoyed me).

Status-4-Evar could not deal with the FEBE icon because it was in that stupid locked area of the status bar (with the grey diagonal stripes) which can't be edited. I therefore searched to see if I could find another fix. I found a post that said if you install Organize Status Bar extension from the developer's own web site then it will still work even on new versions of Firefox. I was sceptical, but I tried it anyway, and to my surprise not only did it install and work correctly, but it was also able to give me full control over each individual icon in the locked (diagonal striped) uneditable part of the status bar. This allowed me to finally get rid of that annoying FEBE icon once and for all.

Now I remember why I loved this extension so much back in the day. It does exactly what it's meant to, giving you full individual granular control over ALL status bar icons and text (not just some of them).

A fantastic job has been done by the author of this extension.

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