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  • прекрасная тема.

  • Ein wunderschönes Theme, das ich gerne auch in der aktuellen Firefox-Version benutzen würde. Deshalb nur 4 Sterne.

  • Is there going to be a Firefox 4.0 update for this theme? I really miss this one. I use it along with Stylish. I use stylish to make Firefox all black and it look great with the big, yellow and red buttons.

  • I have used this theme and I like it very very much...
    I found out that there is a more actual and similar add-on that has the same functionality as the "old" Duplicate Tab.
    It is called Duplicate This Tab - URL here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/156490/

    Now when using this theme and this add-on, the buttons don't match anymore.
    However I have updated the browser.css file in a notepad and I replaced all references of "duplicatetab" with "duplicatethistab"
    Then pack up everything back and then re-use the modified Theme I have made in Firefox.
    I will send perhaps this modified theme pack to the developer...

  • Sehr schönes Thema, allerdings sind die Scrollbars bei Mac OS 10.5.8 (=Leopard) bei Firefox 3.6.6 (letzte Version) unsichtbar, was das Thema für mich unbenutzbar macht. Jedenfalls werde ich in Zukunft vorbeischauen, ob es ein Update gibt.

  • Super Addon nutze ich schon sehr lange . Aber die aktuelle version für FF 3.6.* funktioniert nicht mit meinem addon ( Personas) ;(
    Bitte aktuallisieren,wenn es noch möglich ist ;)

  • Super Addon nutze ich schon sehr lange . Aber die aktuelle version für FF 3.6.* funktioniert nicht mit meinem addon ( Personas) ;(
    Bitte aktuallisieren,wenn es noch möglich ist ;)

  • Needs more work. The yellow tab is a bit garish, and there are some weird UI inconsistencies on Mac OS X. Has promise.

  • My favourite theme for firefox, please update for 3.5.

    Meanwhile I am using the extensions.checkCompatibility set to false to allow me to use it in 3.5

  • This is one of my fave themes; it's really clean and I love the retro look. Please, PLEASE update this to Fx 3.5.

  • Yellow tab button is too intense. Web surfing is difficult to concentrate.

  • I have used some version of this theme for nearly 10 years and am pleased that it is still with us. I would only ask that the highlighted tab not be yellow.

    To my eye, for some reason, the yellow tab looks like it is in the back ground rather than active. I prefer shades of gray for tab highlighting.

  • que buen aporte amigo

  • und danke für diesen skin. Ich war schon Orbit-Fan, als Firefox noch Phoenix hieß. Der leicht hellblaue Hintergrund von Orbit 3+1 sieht m.E. allerdings statt dieses etwas häßlichen Windows-Graus noch besser aus. Aber insgesamt habe ich bei dem fröhlich aussehenden Orbit immer das Gefühl, Firefox lacht mich an.
    Was ich persönlich vermisse, ist ein Button, der mir ein Lesezeichen-Dropdown aufklappt (so, wie im Menue) und nicht das Panel.
    Gruß, Jo.

  • I really like this f=theme. The colours are really good and work well with eachother. Nice job!

    However, in the preview the background is green, but it's not in the real thing. This doesn't concern me, but I think it might confuse some people. But it's a great theme, well done! :)

  • Tab line, the yellow is too intense. Web surfing do not concentrate. Anything else, so good.

  • Erst einmal klasse, das jemand das gemacht hat.
    Obwohl ich die orangen Buttons vermisse, ich musste das Thema wieder deinstallieren. Die grell gelbe Farbe der (aktiven) Tabs ist mir unerträglich. Wenn man das ändern könnte, wäre ich sehr dankbar.

  • At last somebody did it! Many people were waiting for the original Orbit theme for FF3. Very usable with friendly colors, works well with several plugins.

  • The one, true FF-theme!

  • I've been using some variation of Orbit for longer than firefox has existed. The lack of a proper yellow Orbit for FF3 have been a grating annoyance ever since Ubuntu insisted on using it out of the box instead of FF2. Finally my FF3-experience is complete!

  • Love it. So happy that this classic is available again for the new firefox. Great work!

  • Merci pour cette mise à jour très attendue de FF2 vers FF3. les icônes sont belles et les background colorés des onglets sont bien contrastés. Orbit Classic 2008 est encore mieux que Orbit yellow 2006.

  • Thanks!!!!
    I was thinking about doing this FF3 theme myself. Great work!!!!

  • Great to see it available. Could be a smidgen larger.
    Thanks for returning my old favorite.

  • Good sized large icons and contrast has good visibility,...(*THANK YOU!!*) I like it that it uses system colors for the background colors on menus / toolbars....(*THANK YOU*) Icons symbols are clear and have good contrast *(THANK YOU)*...i like the rounded search fields. OVERALL RATING:: EXCELLENT theme, thank you for sharing it with us. I am hoping more people will realize that this theme is a KEEPER...GOOD LUCK JAN THOR!