Medical Spell Checker with OpenMedSpel Version History

5 versions

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Version 2.0.1 433.4 KiB

Version 1.1.0 436.0 KiB

- Updated for new FireFox and Thunderbird versions

Version 1.0.9 433.0 KiB

Updated to include new drug and medical device names
Updated application compatible applications

Version 1.0.8 433.0 KiB

What is new in OpenMedSpel 1.0.8

-- Added 105 new medical terms to OpenMedSpel.
-- OpenMedSpel now includes all FDA Drug approvals through February 2010
-- Added support for the PostBox email client

Version 1.0.7 429.0 KiB

The OpenMedSpel dictionary name now appears properly in the Languages dialog.