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Needs a better explanation of how to "setup/use" this, In short:
It will ask to remember your openID upon first use of any of your openID's.
It will auto-login using your currently/last select openID to any website with openID input, when you click the icon in adressbar.
It will *not* let you choose which openID to use on the website, use the extension page "options" to change the one used!

Yes, a page(tab) after install with more detail would be good. But in this case its better to have it on the page you view inside FF for the addon...
Use the "KISS" method. (KISS=Keep It Stupid Simple) :D

thanks for your comments. You are right. My assumption that the user notices the openid icon in the url-bar and that he will click on it to find the "option" (which leads to the setup) might be overly optimistic.
I could open a web page explaining the setup after the installation. What do you think?


BTW: if you ctrl-click the openid icon in the urlbar then you can choose between the stored openids. Each openid has an individual icon and a name to make it easier to find the appropriate one for the current openid consumer.