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  • Please update compatibility for newer versions of Firefox
  • Hey, make it work with firefox 10!
  • Plz, can you make it compatible with FF Beta Channel ??
  • Since this one hasn't been updated for newer versions, this addon does the same thing.http://is.gd/oGddAs
  • it seems to have stopped working for me after the latest update, please fix it!!! ff 3.6.18
  • Agree with the other reviewers - why is this not part of the Firefox browser to begin with??? I love the extension, but it absolutely will not work on Firefox 4. Fortunately, there appears to be a replacement in the works, if you are not afraid of experimental add-ons:
  • Had very necessary program. But need support firefox 4.x
  • Some people like to force themselves to go through weird procedures to get things done. I don't. This is the single most important addon for me, so staying on Fx 3.6 for now. Yes, the default Firefox behaviour is utterly nonsensical.
  • If I had realized that this Add-On doesn't work in FF4, I wouldn't have upgraded.
    It's *ridiculous* that Firefox doesn't have this as a core feature!
  • Please make it compatible with Firefox 4.0.
  • RunDownload is preferable to me because it is smaller (I'm pretty sure) than OpenDownload and I prefer the button to say "Run" than "Open". That said, either one (RunDownload or OpenDownload) being maintained/updated for future Firefox versions would be nice.
  • I also found this one, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/opendownload-271182/

    I was able to find a link on google for the old link to the rundownload-1.2 which was an Experimental Add On that Firefox has since removed from the search results, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/rundownload/.

    In the event the above link dies.
    I also uploaded the Xpi file to hotfile for anyone who's interested in using it.
    Just save the file & tell windows to open with Firefox to install.
  • your the master. Your link + instructions work.Cheers
  • This addon is extremely helpful, please update it for us!
  • Not working in 3.6.13. Please update to work with new builds.
  • The guys from Mozilla are not willing to make this a standard function in Firefox.
    for details.

    Maybe reporting this bug again and/or many votes will change their mind !
  • I agree with bestycame: It doesn't work with Firefox 3.6.6, so I have uninstalled. This is a MAJOR issue with Firefox; that it does not provide the option to run or save a download. It's enough of an issue that I frequently consider changing my default browser back to IE.
  • Convenient, but doesn't work on latest version of Firefox. Thanks for the new link:
  • This project has been long abandoned, but there is an updated version with a new developer here

  • does not work on Firefox 3.6.3. would be GREAT to have it!
  • Works great, thanks.
    Have you consider a multilanguage version?
  • Please update this extention for 3.6.3. Please? =)
  • It works on a clean profile. Couldn't get it to work otherwise.

    Luckily somebody picked it up. OpenDownload by Tuxman is the same with locales (Languages).

    Otherwise top addon
  • this is another function that should be standard
  • this is another function that should be standard