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Can you please upgrade to 3.5 or pass the mantle on to someone else. Thanks.

I've not tried this suggestion below.I rather have my extensions up to date but according to the author it does work,

dash_* (114) (eBay soapbox forum)
This is the fun bit though.... If you're using the latest version of Firefox you'll see the extension hasn't been updated to support it yet, which means Firefox 3.5 will refuse to install it. It doesn't mean the extension won't work with the latest version of Firefox though.... it does.... I installed it and tested it and it works like a charm.... but to install it into the latest version of Firefox you need to either modify the extension manually or disable the version checking in Firefox. The latter can be done by installing the Mr Tech Toolkit extension Link which is an extension designed to help manage extensions. Once Mr Tech is installed you can then install OpenDownload (tick the bypass compatibility check, check box) and then you'll be running any file you like without having to save it first.