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I left a review earlier and you (the dev) replied, thanks - but I can't reply to that. You said files are auto-deleted after a while, and that there is a hidden option for specifying a download folder (sorry for missing that info in the description). But if I set another folder, I most likely do *not* want files to be automatically deleted ... certainly not other files in that folder that were not downloaded via this add-on. Is that the case or not?p.s. If there is a proper user forum for discussing such issues then I apologise for not finding it.

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Yes, files in the particular folder will be automatically deleted after a while. That's one of the reasons why I don't have a dialog for that: People will think before changing the folder setting. ;-) Maybe you might want to create a sub-directory; if you want your downloads on the Desktop, make a new folder "Desktop\AlreadyRunDownloads" or something.

And yes, there is a forum for that: