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  • great.
  • please, create option to export/import all configuration.
  • Please, update the extension to the latest version of Firefox!
  • FF60.6 ESR x64 - I always used this extension to watch YT videos in Firefox (browser-independent, better volume control). It worked perfectly, 5 stars.
    For the new Firefox now it needs some extra steps, but it's nothing too difficult.
    The problem, however, is that here CMD.exe for security resons is only allowed to run with admin permissions, so this addon it's KO for me unless it will manage to use other methods :\
  • I get double entries for browsers. How to remove them?
  • Good Extention.
    Some wish from me:
    Is it possible to add "open with" to the context menu not only for the links on the page, but also for the bookmarks in the bookmarks menu too?
  • I am not some Mozilla Geek. I just wanted to get Thunderbird mail to open using Chrome instead of Firefox. I found this Add-On and tried to install it. However the instructions are terrible!!
    When I try to set the Options all I get is a message "To complete installation:" with instructions that are WAY TOO LIMITED. I think I got Python installed by running the file when it downloaded.
    But, I can't get the rest of the instructions to work. When I click "Test Installation" all I get is a cryptic, useless message.
    So, if you are not familiar about how to install add-ons, you may want to save the frustration and skip this one!!
  • Still the best "open with" addon out there. Thanks a lot!
  • 非常好用!
  • I love this
  • Great add-on, but open with Edge doesn't work.
  • Many thanks for this great work !! ;-) Maybe hard to install for some people, but I think the documentation is good enough and this work really great with all browsers....
  • Cannot find a way to install the extra program this requires on a Mac. Have some experience of using Terminal and am very IT literate, without being an IT professional, but can not get this off the ground with the instructions supplied.