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95 reviews for this add-on
  • Really good plug in! I hope a compatible version with firefox 6.0 come soon!

  • Please make available for Firefox 6.0! I can't live without it =0)

  • I'm a web designer and I use this tool all the time. Love it! I just upgraded to FF6.0, and apparently this plugin is not compatible with FF6.0. Please fix!

  • Great Add On, as all of your add-ons are. This one needs an option to add editor of choice. Lots of folks use free editors. PS Elements is a sweet little editor for minor stuff, etc.

  • i have a problem , when i try to install the add-on ,this error appear ---> could not be installed because Firefox cannot modify the needed file

  • 5 Stars!
    It does what it says with no problems.
    Keep it up

  • Love it. Super simple but very useful. I find myself using this at least a dozen times a day. Thanks!

  • In my humble opinion this is a truly great add-on, and personally one of my favourites. i work on Firefox, win7 x32, PS-CS4, and the add-on works just fine.
    It is very useful and easy to use.

  • As a graphic designer who is in Photoshop almost 40 hours a week this is a great addon! Works just as I expected. Get it!

  • Very very nice addon :)
    I need OPEN WITH VLC PLAYER, could you help me?

  • Works just as described - Was hoping for somethign exactly like this when I searched FF Add-ons. -- Even fixed the black behind PNGs you get from copy/pasting theme without saving. 5stars.

  • This is magic!

  • jimmykup, this is working for me. I'm using Firefox 4 RC2 on Windows 7 64 bit and have Photoshop CS5. If you're using any portable cracked version it's not going to work. There needs to be some trace of the program so this addon can communicate with it. I suspect that is the issue people are having. Phenomenal addon though. This will truly save a lot of time down the road! Thanks to the developer! =)

  • Saves me tons of time throughout the day!

    The latest version isn't working for me though. Trying to "Open with Photoshop" doesn't do anything right now. This is on Firefox 4 RC, Windows 7 32-bit, and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

  • This is going to save me loads of time as a marketing designer for my company. Works great!

  • I couldn't believe this didn't have 5 stars! IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN. Ignore the idiots who are blaming this plugin for their incompitence. I can confirm it DOES work in CS4, on windows 7. I am using it right now. Also, it opens my 64 bit version from scratch and I have both 64 and 32 installed. The most awesome thing about this is it gets around the transparent png issue when grabbing images from webpages!

  • A simple and useful add-on. Saves time and does the job without any unnecessary bloat.

  • First off thanks a lot man, this is an extremely handy add-on and it works AWESOME now!

    I'm running Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit with Photoshop CS5 64-bit and all I did to fix the UAC problem was basically just turned it off, and then just turned it right back on again.

    First I turned it off (it prompts you to restart), and then loaded Firefox and I just chose a random pic from a website and loaded that pic from the right-click menu into Photoshop, it loaded fine as the UAC was off.

    Went back into control panel and turned UAC back on, shut down Photoshop and Firefox and again restarted. Loaded up Firefox and loaded up a few pics into Photoshop with the right-click menu, and every one of them loaded just fine.

    So anyone having problems who has Windows 7 (or probably even Vista too) this just might do the trick, it worked for me without having to mess around within the Photoshop preference files and having to rename or delete anything.

  • Exacly What ive been looking for, Does exacly what it says and works flawlessly with Photoshop CS5 and VIsta! Great addon, keep up the good work.

    Would love to see more options involved with it, choices of what can be opened.


  • It works correctly on Windows 7 with CS3