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95 reviews for this add-on
  • Great

  • Practica

  • Very nice

  • its handy and useful

  • Using this tool for years, but there is problem with firefox updates, when it stops working. Then we wait for the developer to fix it. Would be great if developer let us know what is the problem and how can we fix it by ourselves.

  • great add-on - but every time Firefox updates it stops working - frustrating! please make it work again!

  • Fácil e pratico, cumpre o que promete, abrindo os arquivos no Photoshop!

  • Open With Photoshop не работает
    в fierfox 53.0

  • Спасибо за расширение и его своевременное обновление. С помощью данного расширения браузера очень удобно работать.

  • Totally agree with Ruane Loxton - great app - correction of minor prob with Firefox update would make it perfect...

  • I use a lot of this developers extensions and it's all of the highest quality. Sadly I have to agree that this one does not work anymore in the new Firefox but I still have to give it 5 stars because in Chrome it works brilliantly. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Baris if you can just sort this little problem out we will all appreciate it!

  • This plugin is excellent when it functions as intended. However, with the latest iteration of Firefox it appears to have stopped working.

  • I use this plugin very often and am sad to say it recently stopped working. I decided to write a review hoping the creator will see it and fix it.

  • Awesome!!!

  • Perfect ! Fonctionne très bien. Merci.

  • This is a very useful add-on. Thank you. The older versions used to open Data URI encoded images as well. Now when I try to open them CS5 says "it's not the right kind of document". It would be great if you fixed that too.

  • Works fine now!

  • Its great!

  • Thanks

  • Long due update - works perfectly now. Love the tool - Thank you so much!

  • I use it every since day, but since FF updated to 44.0 i cannot use it anymore. Can you fix it please? Thanks a lot! ^^

  • "After installation of Open With Photoshop you can right click on any image inside a web page and choose Open With Photoshop option from context menu"
    Doesn't work in ff :(

  • I put it on chrome just to use it, please let it come back to firefox. Thank you

  • But now it's not supported in 43.0.4 ... I miss this add-on so much that I shall contribute when the new version is available.

  • Very useful but no longer works at 43.0.4