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  • good. i like your services, keep it up.

  • This add-on, once outstanding, no longer works.

    Clicking on an image and selecting the option to Open with Photoshop results in the image being downloaded; PS is not opened.

    In one instance I was directed to a page indicating a Communicator must be downloaded and installed. I did so. Following its instructions I launched the exe after unzipping. A box opened, noting there was a new update of the Communicator available. Clicking on OK directed me back to the same page, the same exe.

    Please correct the shortfalls.

  • it's working on Chrome, but not on Firefox.

  • Doesn't work with Quantum Nightly. As others have said, simply downloads the file without opening in. Set Photoshop path correctly.

    Please please fix this, it was such a great addon

  • Baris, please update this awesome extension.
    Mozilla extension policy is completely disrespectful and subversive towards community and addon developers.

  • It doesn't open with Photoshop. I don't know why.
    Probably Firefox Needs the "OWP Communicator" in order to work. Not only Google Chrome...
    The Link to the OWP Communicator in your description is Outdated. You had the 60th version there. But the Latest version is 63 rd, since the day I wrote this feedback.
    Here is the updated version of OWP Communicator: http://barisderin.com/extension/openwithps/download/windows/

    I also tried to set the correct photoshop Location first and after download the "OWP Communicator". Because other people have differennt versions of Photoshop. I have the CS6 version. Not the CC, as you have the default location to open photoshop.
    I don't know it is a little bit complicated. Fix this because it doesn't work with the New Firefox 58.0.1

  • Don't work anymore

  • First it took me to a page that prompted me to download an exe for the Chrome extension. After restarting the browser, when I used it, it just downloaded the image to my downloads folder.

  • Sometimes it works then its super handy and awsome, but sometimes it doesn't work. Now it doesn't work since a half a year :( It only downloads the image but doesn't open it in photoshop. Please Fix this. I'm on High Sierra.

  • 22 dec 2017: Still not working with FF 57.0.3. and PS CC 2018

  • Very Nice i love it

  • Excellent

  • I used it more then a few years..., but sadly Baris did not get it to work again with the new version of FF! Thats exactly the reason why I changed to another extension which is really great:


    Sorry Baris, but we need a working solution! ;-)

  • Doesn't work on Firefox 57. Just downloads the image.

  • if it works works perfect. since quantum its useless.

  • Does not work in Firefox 57. It only download images in downloads folder and noting more

  • V

  • Not working with version 62.0 + Firefox 57 + Photoshop CC 2017. It just downloads the image.

  • After latest server-side update, does not work in Firefox 54. Can't even install previous version. Why does it has a chrome greetings message in firefox? P.S. everything worked fine without additional software, that's why I have not updated to quantum.

  • Regrettably, it no longer works with Firefox Quantum and/or new Photoshop CS2017 (v19)

  • Used to be great but is not working anymore with Firefox Quantum / Photoshop CS6

  • After the Firefox Quantum update the add-on no longer works at all. Yet Firefox does not list it as a Legacy add-on

  • FF 56.0, Windows 7. Just downloads image to downloads folder. Tried with OWP Communicator, but that didnt help.
    UPDATE. Got it working again by downgrading FF to version 55.0.3 and downgraded "open with photoshop" to version 55.0 and It works again.

  • Using this app makes working on my devices easier thanks

  • V52.6 works perfect with PaleMoon 27.4.1 and IrfanView (instead of Photoshop).
    Should also work with any other Image-Viewer/Editor.
    Dont forget to turn off the "automatic updates on addons" in your browser!