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  • chrome to firefox works, but firefox to chrome doesnt, it opens in chromium instead. how do i we fix that?
  • Trash
  • Doesn't work ootb.
    Needs a communicator software to open another program. (Why am I telling you this?!)
    Downloaded, McAfee warned it looks dangerous.
    Once downloaded, McAfee quarantined it.

    This is an unnerving experience.
    If you want anyone to use this, I'd suggest making it work in a way that doesn't freak out my AV and me.
  • 接続アプリをインストール出来ない。
  • Not possible to install Communicator software (checking for newer version in a loop).
  • Flagged as a Trojan by my Antivirus
  • Doesn't work unless you download and open other applications that work with this add-on. It's not a plug and play add on, that's for sure.