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  • I use this daily!

    please add support for lazy loading
  • Works perfectly to open multiple URLs in separate tabs [five stars there]. A major plus is it can wait to load a tab until tab is active. The only change I'd like to see is enabling the wait-until-tab-is-selected check mark by default.
  • Very good! Does exactly what it says on the tin. One important feature is missing, though (for which I leave a star off): You should be able to open windows sequentially, either with a fixed user-specified delay between opening each one, or with an option for the add-on to detect when each new window has *finished loading*, and only open the next one when that has occurred (subject to a user-specifed maximum timeout). Or even better, have a setting for "Load a maximum of *n* windows simultaneously". Without these kind of features, opening (say) 300 tabs at once can crash the browser! (Yet you might really want them all open, not "Open when selected", though that's a nice feature as well).
  • Hi. Great extension, but is it possible to remember previously entered URL`s? After I close and open extension I need to enter all URL`s again. I don`t know is it a bug or regular behavior. Thanks.
  • Does the job pretty well. But there is a bug with respect to 'ftp' urls. The add-on thinks that the url is missing the protocol and adds 'http' to it.
  • Excellent ! love the fact that one can open 100 URLs without actually loading them.
  • Incredibly simple solution! I prefer to keep a selection of interesting links in plain text documents, so there was a need to quickly open a group of links at a time.
    Very pleased with the option "Don't load tabs until selected". Thanks!
  • It does work. And I couldn't imagine a more friendly interface. Also works with excel as needed.
  • Excellent
  • Worked great for my needs. Not loading until clicking on tab option was very helpful.
  • Awesome!
  • Best add-on to open many URLs simultaneously.
  • Thank you so much for developing this for firefox quantum. I use this all the time.

    Before quantum, I was using a similar but different add-on.

    In the old one, the current list of URLs open in tabs would appear so that I can copy that list out to somewhere else.

    It would be really great if you could add that functionality!
  • 20180107-Su., Great!.
  • 1.3.2
    the "extract links" button expects no spaces so you end up with cut-off links when using that feature.
  • OK.

    I wish it was tied to the File menu like the open-multiple-locations addon was. But at least this works with Quantum.
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