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  • Please update for FF57!
  • YouTube must have done something to their site recently. Clicking on one of the videos on the side will no longer open in a new tab. Other than that, it works perfectly!
  • Used this for years! Makes surfing so much easier - I'd much rather Rt-Click to open a tab in the CURRENT tab than the default way FF has it set up! But nobody else has an add-on, much less a WebEx that allows this simple change!
    Thanks to Piro for building this one, but it looks like he's dropped it for good (no updates in a year). So I doubt he's going to rebuild it as a WebEx.

    Well, hopefully, it'll still work until 2018 when they unplug all add-ons. Maybe by then, some genius will have a WebEx for this function!
  • Will this work in FF 56+? WebExtensions compliant? Essential extension for me.
  • thank you kindly. users make sure you go to options an adjust it to your need.
  • Can't do without
  • Works great.
  • It doesn't work!
  • Does not work in 54.0
  • absolutely no use
  • when magnet link click

    new blank tab open or two open program select windows

    and except site rule need
  • I got this to open javascript links in new tabs and.... it doesn't work. running 50.1
  • it's working for me (I'm on Firefox 50.0.2, Windows 7)

    it's working when I have Tree Style Tab enabled, and when I have Tree Style Tab disabled :D

    thank you, piro!
  • Running firefox 50.0 and since yesterday I cannot get links on search to open in a new tab, tried about:config new tab to true add-on installed still not good, why do they change things and then nothing works they way it did before, grrrr
  • Was using this for quite some time. Not working now, FF 49.0, OS X 10.11.6. Tried everything I could think of, including restart. Nothing doing. Hesitant to rate this, but while it did work I would give it 4 or 5 *s. I'll say 3 now. Good luck.
  • Works really nice, has everything i can think of except an option to allways stay in the tab you're in instead of instantly switching to the new one
  • Just installed it and restarted. Doesn't work on FireFox 43.0.4
  • :( Please fix this.
  • How to exclude some websites? I see a handle click event on links by browser, is this it? How to add new site?
  • Works like a charm with Firefox 38 ESR!
  • Doesn't work in Firefox 43.
  • Doesn't work on Mac
  • works great, thank you!
  • I really like this app, but every time I want to change persona's I have to turn it off, also several other extensions don't play well with this, and I wrote developer and never heard a word, so had to use ffmozilla forums to get support. I wish developer would fix it to work well with other apps/extensions/addons.....
  • Perfect :D