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  • It works GREAT,thanks!
  • Works great on FF70 after installing file from github.
  • Doesn't work anymore in Firefox 67.0
  • To make sure the native client is accessible, click on the "Check Connection" button. If you still get this page even when the "Check Button" reports successful connection, it means the application cannot be accessed (path is not correct in the options page). If the path to the executable is correct and the native client is connected, you can debug the connection by enabling console logs.
    i do all of this ,it's let me down! log not open else.
  • W7-64 Confirmed Options IE path; Clk'd on install.bat/OK confirmed; Only on the AlexMarcoo Patch page ..... HTML Links I Saw Did show Rt Clk "Open in IE" BUT NEVER on any saved FF 62 bookmarks via the Toolbar. Inst'd / Deleted Twice. Wish it had worked.
  • Si tienes que realizar la busqueda en google para despues tener que decirle que lo abra en IE desde el link correspondiente, es más rápido abrir IE, realizar la búsqueda y abrir la web sin más. Es más rápido y gastas menos recursos/RAM. Lo que si sería ideal es que estando en una web, al pulsar un botón/icono se abriese dicha web de forma automática en IE.
  • Tried  MANY  “Open in IE”  add-ons…
    THIS  is first one which  WORKS,   is SMALL
       — AND —
    it can  open in an  “InPrivate” window ‼
    GREAT — thx‼
  • good
  • Funciona correctament si s'instal·la el "native client patch"
    La llàstima és que no et deixa canviar de motor en una pàgina ja oberta amb Firefox.
    Sempre has de triar-ho de la búsqueda de google.
  • Doesn´t work. Need the communicator patch and my PC refuses it I´m on Windows 7.
  • Doesn't work for me, right click and NOTHING! Win10 Pro 64
  • Doesn't work. Says something about installing native plugin. I'm running 64bit
  • Works in FF 57 & Windows 10, but does need the native client patch which makes me a bit concerned. Missing the option "Always open in IE" which would be very useful.
    John, Ontario, Canada
  • Works fine on my two windows 7 computers but, is a disaster on windows 10
  • The point of Firefox is the fact it's NOT IE!
  • Why does this need an exe? It really sounds very much like malware.
    Developer, please explain why we MUST do this.
    Dear user,
    The addon needs to open internet explorer in your PC/MAC. For this, a separate patch is needed, it is called native messaging. Please read more about this technology at: https://developer.chrome.com/apps/nativeMessaging

    Without a separate patch, the addon cannot open external applications (like IE).
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