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  • Does not work on recent versions of Firefox.
  • Doesn't work anymore in Firefox!!!
  • Unfortunately, I could not make it work. And I did put in more work than felt justified: googling for default .desktop launcher locations, digging through .desktop files to find executable paths, inputting said paths into this extension as requested.

    Open all tabs in Chrome -> Nothing happens
    Open current tab in Chrome -> Works, but that's not what I need
  • Multiprocess! Multiprocess! Multiprocess!
  • Of course,it's a useful app,If you have both firefox and chrome,you nearly must use it,some web don't support fire,and you must open it in chrome,use the app do it is very easy and fast,thanks the auther very much.But I can't find a simple app in chrome,O,firefox is better in this.
  • I love this add-on, I'm a Ubuntu user and I have both Firefox and Chromium installed, it makes my browsing easier, I can open websites in Chromium with two simple clicks from Firefox. Thanks so much for this! :)

    My suggestion: could the context menu functionality be applied to bookmarks?
  • Please check your WordPress site. I was not able to post suggestions for improvements there. :


    I even have a WordPress account. What I found is this error when trying to post to it:


    This may be a WordPress bug, and if so, might be not worth fixing, which leads me to say this:

    Using a blog is not optimal for defect management. It will only serve to frustrate your users, which happened above. Instead, please seriously consider using GitHub. This has the dual benefit of a built-in Issue Tracker, and also allows others to directly contribute source code improvements using their push/pull paradigm. The learning curve is not that steep and is worth the trouble.

  • This is one of my favorites, but prevented my Firefox 51.0.1 from running Multiprocess Windows. See Firefox about:support to determine if an extension is preventing this feature in your browser. With Firefox 51, everyone is now capable of running multiprocess, except with an incompatible extension enabled.
  • Nice add-on, but when I (user of Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64 Bit) right-click a links and then Open in Chrome, I get a new tab within Firefox, and a Chrome window in the background of Firefox. I guess, this is not the way it is meant to be.

    Never mind!
    I was wrong, sorry.
    I middle-clicked that option.
  • This addon works wonderfully. Does not respect the setting "hide in context menu". More often than not, it still shows up in the context menu. This is the case when you right click a link, for example.
  • does what is says it can do. no errors, no problems.
  • It would be nice if the addon doesn't attach event listeners unless the click link setting is on. I only use the addon button anyways.

    In Nightly sometimes I get a message about open in chrome causing Firefox to run slowly. This might be because of E10S.
  • Chrome is a new Internet Explorer
  • Work well but I'd prefer to have the open in Chrome in a left click menu on the tab. Give more space in the tools box even if I do not need it now.

    Developer response

    Don't really understand what you mean. If you head over to the support thread, then we can discuss your concern.
    If your comment pertains to having to hunt through the tools menu to trigger the addon, then do note that there are shortcuts configurable in the preferences panel for just this reason. If otoh. your remark is that it clutters up the tools menu, then you can disable that as well in the prefs panel.
  • Thank you for developing.

    I found a bug.
    The context menu of this add-on appears when pressing right-click on a link.

    Windows7 64bit
    Firefox 32.03
    Open In Chrome 1.5.3
  • If it canbe configured to open a group of website(s) directly in Chrome even if you try accessing them from Firefox.

    For instance, you may add “yahoo” to the list and any site that has yahoo in the URL would open in Chrome automatically. That includes “maps.yahoo.com”, “news.yahoo.com”, “yahoo.com”
    yes, wildcards.
  • Nice extension. Works if Chrome is installed. Will not work if the Chrome is a Portable version (already pointed to the executable file under Options).

    Developer response

    It should, you just need to browse for the executable from the preference panel, or enter the absolute path to it.
  • Works as advertised. I wish it had the context menu setting selected from the start, but that's just a quibble.
  • Awesome addon for watch flash in linux,because chrome's builtin flash plugin~
  • Exactly what I needed, thank you. I use it because since adobe stopped supporting Linux I have issues with some flash videos in Firefox. Now I just open them in Chromium
  • works as described - BUT- would like be able to assign specific website to ALWAYS open with Chrome like IE Tab2 does.
  • It's a pretty neat extension. It does what it says, it works, it is simple. The integration with GNU/Linux and particularly Ubuntu is great.

    I would like to see two things in future releases: 1) allways open some domain with google chrome (e.g. chrome store, gmail, etc) 2) An icon customization would be awesome. :)
    Cheers and keep it going, great work!
  • Has many options when and how to open Chrome, like ALT+mousebutton, or just the button in your addonbar if you chose to. Works great.
  • I used ie-view from ff's version still in lower single digits, and it has an context menu entry in the client area of the active tab.

    Although this "Open In Chrome" functions like ie-view, but I have hard time finding it, let alone uising it. Because I'm used to the context menu interface, and "Open In Chrome" has no context menu entry!

    Off the topic, nothing personal:

    I think this mozilla ff has one ultimate goal: to provide a seamless and convenient interface to the user, no matter how complex the addin components structure is (for a tolerable one at least!). I used to be, and still be a keyboard guy, meaning that I'd rather use keyboard strokes to achieve a objective than mouse movements+clicks. Through the years, mozilla ff has made me believe to an extent that other than the shortcut-keys, the right-click of the mouse will bring up a whole lot of goodies.

    There is a catch here: most authors of the addins (I chose to add) have a dangerous assumption that the users will activate the addin (functionality) through a right-click of the mouse, or at least looking for it on the Tools menu! So they forget to write this most important part on the description.

    As a seasoned used of ff, I was trained through trial and error to think and do this way, but for a green user, this is definitive not the case. Think of this nail-biter situation: hmmm... no sign whats so ever of the brielliant addin I've just downloaded, did I do it right or something went wrong...

    My point is:

    Can the top brasses of the foundation or ar least of the development groups make a mandate that there must at least be a terse textual description on the home page on how to activate the addins, not just a bunch of (low res) poor screen captures with annotation, or open a web page guide on the inital successful activation and the every following update activation.There are many ways to get an addon doing its purposes, how 'bout trying the most convenient, obvious and common ones.

    Developer response

    It does have a context menu, but it's not enabled by default.
    In the third screenshot depicting the configuration window, there is a checkbox labeled "Show in Context menu".

    You activate the configuration window per the Firefox imposed standard; Tools -> Add-ons and click the Options button on the addon you want to configure.
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