Helpful tool Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works well and fast. BUT, I would rather have the trigger somewhere other than the Tools drop-down as I don't use that Toolbar. Context menu (Rt click) or a button on the main toolbar would be better location.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

There is an icon / "button" you can add by selecting "View" menu --} "Toolbars" --} "Customize". Simply grab the addon's button and drop it where you want it, on the Firefox Toolbar or on the status bar..
When clicked that button will open the current tab and when CTRL-clicked, open all tab pages in Chrome. It's depicted in one of the screen shots for the addon.

Update: I've now added a preference so you can get the commands in the context menu as well. They're in the upcoming v1.3 release, which is awaiting full review. If you want it quicker, click the "Version Information" drop-down at the bottom of the addon's page on this site, select the 1.3.0 version and install it.

Update 2012-06-01
Please pick the latest version you find, as that will contain the latest bug fixes. Unfortunately there is a 1-2 month delay between when I submit a fix to mozilla and until it has been reviewed and published on the front-page, so picking the latest version listed on the page "Version Information" --} "See complete version history", will get you the most solid / robust experience.