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It would be much better if you support for chrome command, for example -incognito to go to stealth mode. Currently, your plugin only allow user to choose executable path.
Anyway, this is a nice plugin!

@joyje: thank you for the update, I'd waited for automatic update of your plugin but there was no automation, but now I'm having my wish. Thank you so much. If possible, could you make "Open in Chrome" in context menu? This plugin would be perfect with that feature :)

EDIT 2/Jun/2012: the right-click context in 1.3.5 works well :) But there's a bug in option dialog of your plugin, I can't see entire option, just 1/3 of option checkbox, although I still know what function of checkbox by the tip displaying. And could you make the plugin context near the original "Open Link in..."? It would be better organized in context menu ;)
Anyway, Great developer! You deserve 5 stars for responsiveness :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for the feedback.
I've added this in the upcoming version, currently in the approval queue for the add-ons "store". Once it passes the review, version 1.2.0 will allow you to add any number of arguments after the path to the executable (from the options window).

EDIT: I just noticed that the addons site now allows you to access different versions of addons, even the latest one uploaded, that have not yet passed the ~1 month review cycle.
So if you don't care for waiting a month until formal mozilla publication, then you can get the addon I uploaded today, right now :)


Reply to feature request (nanvinh):
I'll add it next time I do an update. I don't much like plugins that spill <i>all over</i> my firefox (tab-bar, menus etc), so I'll default the context menu listing to being switched off and instead allow users who want to have the launch option in the context menu, to flip a checkbox in the settings panel to make it appear in the context menu. Sounds good enough?
Unfortunately I'm a bit swamped at work the coming two weeks, but after that I'll hopefully have a few minutes to implement that little enhancement.