61 reviews
  • Fonctionne parfaitement. L'extension pour toujours ouvrir vos favoris dans un nouvel onglet.
    (Règle qui au passage devrait exister comme option cliquable nativement dans Firefox).
  • Simply doesn't work at all.
  • It works great, but I miss the option that can exclude opening bookmarks in a new window that are on the 'bookmarks toolbar'
  • Doesn't work at all. Doesn't even have an addon icon which to click.
    Firefox 61.
  • Just what I needed. Thanks a lot.
  • 可以通过在about:config将browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs修改为true实现该效果
  • Solved my needs, tab is where needs be. Thanks.
  • Does what it says on the tin, works proper!
  • Great! Thanks.
  • You saved my life
  • Simple. perfect, essential. Thank you Didier.
  • Thank you! This works really great for me. I'll never uninstall this firefox addon.

    AVG's "Poorly rated browser extension found!" can go to the nine flames.