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  • Ookong is frozen and will not be supported any longer. There is some residual functionality that is working, but it does not behave as it used to.

  • Stopped working. It WAS the best of it's kind, but the new version with more tab options (6-tabs) just sits with "Loading" and nothing ever happens.

  • unable to get rid of the status icon found in the bottom corner of the browser

  • Ookong has almost always been one of my favorite firefox add-on's. However the latest version doesn't seem to be as reliable as some of the earlier versions for me. It often mixes up the marketplace price (NOT fulfilled by Amazon) with the Amazon price, and from time to time it doesn't show Amazon price history at all although Amazon has been selling the product itself. I'm not sure if these problems could be due to my ancient version of firefox (3.6.xx) but previous verions seem to have less such problems.

  • Just what I was looting for!

  • Difference between this and shopping assistant addon ?

  • I really like this app. I shop a lot on amazon so it's really nice to track price trends. Thanks!

  • An excellent improvement to an already great add-on. Amazon prices can change frequently and significantly, this is the most straightforward, user-friendly price tracker add on I've found.

    The single menu interface is much more cohesive and unintrusive than the old "Track this Item" button (which also used to mess up my mouse gestures plugin).

    The only thing missing is a remote account for tracking the same set of items from multiple computers.

  • WOW thats amazing program.

  • I am using Ookong 1.3.1 in conjunction with Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3. I installed Ookong 1.3.1 from the ookong.com web site because the Mozilla add-ons page only shows version 1.2.869.

    I like to see more items at a glance rather than scrolling or clicking to see another page.

    Thank you for your time. I do find Ookong very useful as I shop Amazon.com quite often for DVD and Blu-ray titles, as well as occasional home electronic items.

  • More comments after several days' use:
    1. the tracked items' layout is hard to change.
    2. I have several machines(including virtualized ones) . It is annoying to manage each of the browsers.
    Why can't you support account like the famous Xmarks?

    Developer response

    Thank you for your review. Please check these new features in Ookong 1.3.

  • It works great for regular Amazon items. But it fails to track quite a few things such as a car seat (for example Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat) with different prices for different colors. The tracking icon simply won't show up for any of the choices.

    Developer response

    You can use the advanced feature to follow these items, see how it works at

    See how to turn on/off "Shop As You Go" at http://ookong.pbworks.com/Turn-Off-Shop-As-You-Go

  • Fairly useful! I saved $102 on my new DSLR

  • It can save you a lot of money. Author is also very responsive to suggestions and I expect this will get even better. I tried another Amazon.com tracker and it disabled after a month (guess it needed a subscription). If you start using Ookong, you'll be amazed how much the prices on Amazon fluctuate for many items and you will definitely be able to save quite a bit of money by purchasing when an item hits a low point. Example- I got an mp3 player that typically is listed at around $180. One day only it dropped to $103 and I bought. It was back up to $180 the next day. Simple, unobtrusive, and effective. Don't shop without it!

  • I found this smart tool by chance. Frankly, I didn't pay attention to it because of its very small size, only 80k. I am a online shopping fan because it is easy, safe and tax-free. I think i have rich experiences for online shipping by analyzing the information from some deal websites. But sometimes it is very hard to decide when to buy a stuff because the price keeps floating. Although I used some tools to assist me to track the price change but they are not strong. After I choose Ookong, I find it really is a helpful utility for people who like online shopping. First, it provides the price change even very small amount, like 50 cents; Second, it is interface friendly. Once I install it, it is minimized in my Firefox window and pops up when price changes. Third, the price change curve is drawn for short-term like stock change which can assist my purchase decide. Of course, Ookong has its shortage that is the reason why I give it 4 stars. I spent more than 10 mins to find how to use it. Although it provides the online help, i am used to use the software without help. It is too sensitive to provide the small price change for example 50 cents. For me, 50 cents change is not very important to decide to buy something.

    Developer response

    Thank you for your feedback. We just released Ookong 1.1. We have added the Help link in Following List page and Options windows. Please also visit Ookong wiki at ookongwiki.pbwiki.com

  • Very smart add-on! I used it to follow the price of a breadmaker and got a great deal. The price history is clear, so it is easy to decide the timing of purchasing. And the logo is so cute, I love it!

  • This is a brilliant idea. Very user friendly.

  • when i checked air ticket prices on kayak.com and saw their price history option, i thought price history should not only be available for gas and air tickets, especially for someone like me who spends much more time with electronics than traveling. this add-on works exactly the way i wanted and i look forward to its extension to other websites other than amazon.