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  • If you have a bad Internet connection, this add-on will NOT reload tabs when your Internet becomes disconnected. Presently, I do not know of any add-on that could help except maybe "lolifox - Fierr MOD" @ https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/7871/

    Rather, for people who use the feature "Work Offline" (by checking "File → Work Offline"), this add-on is useful: any tab that presents as the "about:neterror" page in Off-line mode will automatically reload after this particular feature is unchecked.

    Had to examine the source code to find that out--one user complained it is "broken" because it doesn't do what they expect, so wanted to make this caveat clear.

  • lightweight addon @2kb

    can u provide a toolbar button to toggle "work offline" ??

  • I had it installed for weeks and during much of those times I was having connection issues. It NEVER reloaded a single page during that time- and I may have hundreds or thousands open during the course of a day. If that isn't opportunity enough I don't know what is...

  • "ultimate page load tab controller"

    someone please combine the functionality of these add ons to work together in one add on. have them share the same queue list between all of them. i like all of these add ons but they don't always play nicely and cooperate with each other. the low bandwidth dial up firefox community will love you all for it.

    i am contacting all of the below add on developers for there input and assistance for the "ultimate page load tab controller" add on.

    Load Tabs Progressively

    Reload Tabs Progressively

    Online Reload


    tweak network

    flow chart of add ons combination