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  • Added OneTab, and it immediately closed all my tabs.
    No tabs to restore.
    No chance to get tabs back.
  • Amazing! Can't browse and live without it!...
  • Awesome!
  • This one is nice and really saves memory.
    But I notice one bug : for links with file:/// it does not restore. May be you should fix it.
  • Best productivity booster! thank you for building it !
  • this app is broken and a risk to anyone who uses it provided you rely on it to 'save' your bookmarks. i had multiple pages saved to OneTab and one day it was all gone with no reason or explanation, and there is 0 support (completely ignored when I reached out for help, as I had some important links saved). Just bookmark what you need and give this broken app a miss!!
  • TL;DR Crashes Firefox = lost tabs -
    Using Firefox on Windows 7, the intended feature works well however, it causes Firefox to crash every 1-4 hours. It does not crash on execution, nor depending on the number of tabs open. This bug would be alright if Firefox would then load the previous windows/tabs like it usually does upon reopening... but something about the crash causes the last window you were focused on to be deleted from memory. It doesn't load on reopening (other windows will) and "history" rarelyy has record of it. (Sometimes you can just go history -> closed windows and reopen but typically there are no "closed windows" listed in that list.) I'd give this a lower rating if other "session manager" add-ons were available for Firefox the way they are available for Chrome.
  • Bookmarks but a bit quicker. Unresponsive to questions sent through official channels.

    Firefox version needs some work; auto-load on startup is slow, and doesn't work in incognito.
  • Closed out of all my open tabs, with no results. I used it on note 9 with firefox
  • +++