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  • hope it could support that the tab can be dragged into tab 'OneTab', or there's a right-click option to move to tab 'OneTab'
  • Auf meinem Android Tablet verschwanden beim klicken auf Onetab fast alle meine Tabs ins Nirvana... Verwende Onetab auch am PC dort hatte ich nie Probleme. Also Daumen hoch am PC Daumen runter unter Android.
  • Just installed this and lost all my tabs, by trying to restore and "one tab" again too quickly, so that not all of the restored tabs were loaded yet. Those that weren't loaded weren't "one tabbed" so I went from 17 to 5 in 1 second ... Can't remember all of them and was researching for an essay, so that sucks (: But I appreciate the idea and hope that the developers can maybe include something like waiting until all tabs are loaded, before allowing a user to use this feature.
  • If I could only install one extension, this would be it. A+++
  • 用了很久的一个插件,从 Chrome 就一直陪伴着我。
    不过 Edge 貌似把它整合了hhhhh
  • Really great way of relieving tabs. However, can you make it an option to not automatically remove all tabs when we click the extension in the bookmarks toolbar. It's quite annoying when you just wanna check what tabs you have stored, but the moment you click the extension it stores all your active tabs even if you don't want to. Other than that, this is pretty good
  • Basically an excellent addon. Just as few wishes wrt the one tab overview:

    - I don't like that tabs are grouped by days or whatever. I'd prefer a flat searchable/filterable list and maybe the ability to tag or annotate tabs (e.g. via a free text field).
    - The 1tab overview's ability to reorder tabs & edit groups feels clunky. I usually end up with a big backlog I never edit or change. Sometimes I delete entries but that's all. But I'm fine with that. So unless the usability of the 1tab page is improved, I wonder whether the ability to move/rearrange tabs is essential.

    That said, this is a great addon.
  • В определённых условиях использования нужное расширение
  • You must use it. Clean you browser and center you mind.
  • I wish there was a search field or function. Very helpful utility overall.
  • Просто супер полезное расширение. Перешла с Хрома на Файрфокс и установила одним из первых. Спасибо разрабам.
  • nice add-on, works just fine. reallly helpful.