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  • i can't install it,wtf
  • Can't complete the required sign-in to my Microsoft account. When "sign in with a Microsoft account" is selected, an unpopulated pop-up window briefly flashes on the screen, then immediately closes, and FF (v 71.0) opens a new tab that is blank. The URL of the page is:

    https://www.onenote.com/webclipper/auth?code= [lengthy code number follows]

    . . . but the page renders as completely blank. No text whatsoever, anywhere.

    FF Options settings
    Pop-ups for onenote.com: Allowed
    Cookies for onenote.com: Allowed

    Kinda hard to use the extension if you can't log in to your MS account.
  • Works better than evernote clipper. Article clip mode is especially useful.
  • Have used for years with Edge. Works perfectly in Firefox. Essential for anyone who uses OneNote intensively.
  • hi ok
  • very good
  • Easy to use with marvelous interface.
  • Ich bin sehr positiv gegenüber der Windows Version vom Webclipper eingestellt. Aber damit ich sinnvoll damit arbeiten kann brauche ich die selben Funktionen auch auf meinem Tablet. Und dort funktioniert im Firefox Browser gar nix.
    Bitte ändert das.