Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This and TMP have been my staple add-ons since i left Opera for Fx when Opera decided to ditch you know... features. I sincerely hope something like this can be done in Fx 57 because Fx native Bookmark management is unusable IMO (maybe it'll be better in future versions?). I actually donated a trivial amount to this one.

Enjoy the extra time you get. Curious - will YOU keep using Fx?

Thank you for this and your other terrific add-ons.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I signed up to review. I used to use AllInOne Sidebar but i found it confusing and clunky. This is very, very attractive and highly usable. I think my only suggestion (unless i've just missed it), is icons instead of a drop-down selector. drop-down to select bookmarks or downloads is two clicks and obviously much slower than a single click. If that top bar could show icons instead of drop-down (user choice) then i'd give this 5 stars. Very nice extension and good to see the developer respond to requests/suggestions.

EDIT: Amazing, thank you Quicksaver. Perfect: 5 stars :)ps, can i have the download link in the 'usual' place AND in OmniSidebar? (sorry to be a noob) :)

EDIT2: Thanks mate. I'm an Opera convert, but i like the way Firefox has the 'active' button that gives info, if it's in the sidebar i can't see it, so i'd like to keep it where it is. But sometimes when i'm downloading several files (maybe at once), i like them visible in the sidebar so i can manage them as they finish.Great extension, great support. Cheers. Where's that donate button? :) -- done.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

See the first screenshot, I think that's what you want the sidebar to look like :)

You can drag buttons, like the bookmarks button or the downloads button to the toolbar in the sidebar. Just go to the customize screen (right click somewhere in the top toolbars and click "customize", or open the firefox menu in the top left corner and go to Options - Toolbar Layout) and drag whatever buttons you want there to the area that says "Main Sidebar".

Of course, like with any other toolbar, the sidebar toolbar needs to be enabled (it is by default).

You can also disable the dropdown if you don't want it in OmniSidebar's preferences, it's the option that says "Sidebar menu dropdown in title".

Edit: You're very welcome. :)
Do you mean, you want the button both in the toolbar in the sidebar and outside in the navigation bar for example? OmniSidebar, doesn't create new buttons for these pages, you'd need another add-on that lets you create more buttons that you can use together with OmniSidebar to have buttons in both places. There may be some add-ons that let you do this, although honestly I don't know any (but that's probably just because I don't use them).

I assume you'd like this because when you close the sidebar, the buttons in them close as well and you'd like an easy way to open it up again, am I right? There are other ways to open the sidebar, like using the "Sidebar" button by dragging it to any toolbar like you did with dragging the downloads button to the sidebar toolbar, or the options to click the margin of the window or using the keyboard shortcut, these are customizable in OmniSidebar's preferences.

I am planning on making those buttons in the sidebar toolbar more accessible, even when they're closed. I just haven't found a good way of doing it yet.