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129 reviews for this add-on
  • This is one of the ONLY reasons I stick with Firefox at all. Once it stops working, I'll be off to Vivaldi or some other browser. If I had funds I'd contribute. If Mozilla read these reviews, I'd like them to understand that the ONLY REASON many people use their otherwise 'hmm...' browser is precisely because it has/had such a vibrant developer community! Extension works superbly by the way ;0) Just wanted to use this review to say thanks and let Mozilla know it will be a retrograde step.

  • Thank‘s your contribution!

  • This is the best extension I have ever seen mate, thank you for your work, it's priceless!
    Sorry about this Firefox extension-bullshit, after the switch to webextensions, FireFox will be the same useless shit as chrome.
    Sh*t, I have to look for a proper web browser again! :(
    Anyway, thank you for making this awesome extension mate!

  • Omnisidebar gone ....back to aios, so bad!!!
    Des modules ingénieux, beaux et utiles, voire indispensables. Leurs options sont multiples et toujours précisément expliquées... Bref un travail sérieux et passionnant! Vous allez nous manquer!

  • Hey Quicksaver,

    Just saw your write-up in my browser. I had no idea the changes were coming and I totally respect your decision to leave. Just wanted to come and say thank you for all of the hard work you have put in of your own time making these extension work for so long. I honestly didn't even realize I used so many of your addons until today. I probably won't be updating past 56 for a long while because I use your stuff so regularly. Again, really appreciate all that you've done, I hope there will be a time when WebExtensions are able to accomplish the great work that you've done here <3

  • Cause Mozilla Developers have went Full retard mode.

  • Me encanta, ahora sí puedo tener mucho más organizados los favoritos incluso desde la barra lateral se le pueden agregar separadores, y lo mejor abre superrápido el administrador, mejor que desde el menú o desde el icono de Firefox de la barra de herramientas. Exageraría si dijera que al igual que el complemento para duplicar pestañas "Duplicate in Tab Context Menu" debería venir por defecto en la instalación de Firefox, pienso que no. Enhorabuena al creador 5 estrellas!!!!!

  • Practico y muy util.

  • Now I can't open the side bar because there's nothing to click. It happen all of a sudden.

    Developer response

    Please open an issue in the support page, or send me an e-mail about this, letting me know of what Firefox version you are using, and if the same still happens if you disable all your other add-ons.

  • completely unobtrusive; hover at left margin, click; fast response

  • Con un solo clic a la izquierda abres tus marcadores de una manera cómoda y eficiente

  • I used AIOS, but its numerous bugs brought me to look for an alternative.
    OmniBar is perfect.
    Maybe later the automatic opening of the panel ? :)
    Thanks !

  • Very needed addon.

  • Perfect!

  • The add-on itself is excellent, but for several weeks now, I am experiencing strange bug: Firefox Add-on manager started to open in a tab (default behavior) instead of the sidebar, despite the fact, that that sidebar is configured to handle Add-on manager.

    Developer response

    Yes, this is a bug that I intend to fix for the next update. I will be sure to do it as soon as I can. I'm very sorry for the trouble it's causing.

  • Exactly what I've been looking for. Great. Thanks.

  • This add-on is exactly what I needed after trying a handful of other bookmarklet replacements. Well-done.

  • Quiet good addon

    Developer response

    Thank you for the review, but I must ask, what do you think would make you raise the rating above what you've given it? If you don't give any specifics, I'll never know how to possibly improve it or fix anything wrong with it. Does it have anything to do with the "quiet" part? I admit I don't fully understand that.

  • I changed AIOS to this plugin,it seems the plugin sidebar's font is too small,forgive my poor enghlish

    Developer response

    I don't understand this, the add-on doesn't control the font of any panels if I recall correctly, except for a few cases in the add-ons sidebar. Please send me an e-mail or open an issue in the support page about this, and try to describe exactly what you think is too small.

  • While AiOS is still the go-to extension for adding a sidebar to Firefox, it isn't without its flaws, which is more because of changes in Firefox itself. For instance, personas don't work fully in AiOS's grippie without hacking the browser and turning the entire chrome transparent.

    Omnisidebar doesn't have any of those flaws: while there is still a grippie you can click to bring the sidebar into view, it isn't visible at all times like in AiOS (or SeaMonkey, for that matter). Because there isn't a visible grippie, personas still work just fine (since they are disabled in private windows, this is important).

    In addition, this extension is updated frequently, while the creator of AiOS is having trouble updating the extension nowadays.

    (Also, I noticed that Omnisidebar's settings are being synced between computers, which is also a huge plus.)

    So, much like the author's other extension Beyond Australis provides the features Omnibar does (combined URL and search bar, which I still don't understand why it isn't already built into Firefox), Omnisidebar provides many of the features AiOS does.

  • Great addon, actually works with 48.02a of developer version, and has exactly what I need.
    Bookmarks, History, Addons, even Page Info is accessible in this handy sidebar.

    Compared to AIOS, the page info is actually in the sidebar and addons are actually fitted to the sidebar.

    My only recommendation is maybe add an option for icons to switch between bookmarks, history, addon, etc. The dropdown menu only adds an unnecessary click.

    Developer response

    I'm glad you like the add-on. :)

    You can use icons like you want. As is explained in the description, you just need to enter customize mode in Firefox, and drag whatever buttons you want into the sidebar toolbar. You can see this in most of the screenshots.

  • edit: the history problem is caused by firefox! NOT by this addon !!!

    Developer response

    I have no idea of what you mean. OSB uses the built-in history sidebar. If you keep having problems please send me an e-mail or open an issue in the support thread about this.

  • I don't have any quality complains, the sidebar does what it says on the box it's doing. Bugs introduced with a new release gets fixed within a few days.

    The functionality this add-on provides enhances my work-flow when use Firefox and makes many tasks a lot easier.

  • This sidebar and Beyond Australis are the only two visual add-ons I really use. The sidebar always works, provides needed info, then gets out of the way when you don't need it. It integrates so well with Firefox that I forget it is an add-on. Thanks for this.

  • Very nice sidebar for FF does what i need it to do.

    I've just moved to 64bit Waterfox and it is the only addon that does not work can you see if you can get it to work in Waterfox


    Developer response

    I have not investigated this, but it may be because the latest version of Waterfox (40.1.0) is based on a version of Firefox code not supported by the latest version of the add-on.

    I would suggest for now you try OSB version 1.6.4, and when Waterfox updates to 43 (should happen in the next few days apparently) you'll be able to update OSB to the latest version as well. If you still have problems then, please e-mail me or open an issue in the support page about it.