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  • Sidebars sometimes appear blank and when that happens, there's no response to a click on the close icon.

    A compatibility issue with legacy Vertical Tabs Reloaded https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/vertical-tabs-reloaded/

    - if an OmniSidebar bar is un-docked at the same side, it appears to fall behind the sidebar of Vertical Tabs Reloaded.

    Those issues aside: it's an excellent extension.
  • This extension combined with the Google Keep panel extension has been amazing. They allow me to take notes on anything so effortlessly. You can even customize it to slide out when you hover over it, and the slide away when you move away. Highly recommended. Great for students, people doing research, to increase productivity at work, etc.
  • thanks for this great add on, too bad I just recently found it and wont be able to use it very long. Oh and AjvarXX or whoever you are, grow up and shut up, for the sake of all mankind...

    P.S. I thought there was going to be a version of FF supported for like a year that still will allow these addons. And there are other ports of FF. Seems possible for a group to keep alive a version that keeps all our favorite addons compatible. But I couldnt agree with you more quicksaver, seems they were willing to sacrifice so much for what seems so little. Doesnt make sense. And just bc they cant see how usefull ur type of addons are, many of us do!! Thanks again.
  • With so many grumpy negative comments directed at the writer of this add-on about the last few weeks of one of my favourite add-ons, I would like write in support of the creator and to note that my installation is still working fine in Fx55-56.

    Given that even with Legacy dropouts I've still got close to 100 add-ons, I'm almost surprised that so much is still working fine,

    Perhaps those with problems should look elsewhere, rather than throw downgrade the add-on, or abuse the creator.

    I also noted the 'new' feature in Fx57 Nightly that seems so familiar, and was noted by another reviewer.
  • Don't work anymore
  • I hope it's up to date, now use it by pressing CTRL + B
  • pls update for FF57!!!
  • I dunno if this was intentional, but I just downloaded FF 57 nightly and there is a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for this much loved extension BUILT IN! It looks and works very similar, but is limited in some things. Good enough tho.
  • But now, its pretty well broken since the lastest Mozzila update, and saddly the autor doesnt want to update it anymore..

    So... you can forget :/

    fk off mozzila
  • Only 1 Con : no longer gets updates

    Mozilla : Fun detected
  • Not working with 55.0b4.

    Without this extension, I'm not willing to use Firefox anymore. Thanks Mozilla!
  • RIP Omni 18.05.2017 on nightly
  • It would be awesome, if you add Tabs category, where there will be all open tabs and user will be able to search for them.
  • 666
  • Hey, another goodbye and thank you review! This extension, and others by quicksaver, will be sorely missed from Firefox 57 and onwards. But the decision to stop is understandable with the big architectural changes coming. Yet, I very much hope its features will see a continuation after 57 somehow. Anyway, thanks for the great add-on!
  • This and TMP have been my staple add-ons since i left Opera for Fx when Opera decided to ditch you know... features. I sincerely hope something like this can be done in Fx 57 because Fx native Bookmark management is unusable IMO (maybe it'll be better in future versions?). I actually donated a trivial amount to this one.

    Enjoy the extra time you get. Curious - will YOU keep using Fx?

    Thank you for this and your other terrific add-ons.
  • Thank you for creating this awesome extension for us Luis :)
  • Great to have this kind of addon,Thank you & keep it up!
  • It's really useful. This addon is the only one reason that it made me change from google chrome to this mozilla. Thanks you.
  • It's for this reason I only update FF when I can no longer get away w/ the version. I'm a long time user and contributed years ago. W/out a doubt one of the best FF addon out there! Thx 4 all ur hard work and time! Peace.....
  • Thank you for your great addon. This sidebar was one of the main reasons for me to switch to Firefox from Opera Presto when it's developers decided to turn Opera to another clone of Chrome.

    I think you can continue to develop and support your addons on FF forks such as Palemoon or Seamonkey which will continue to support XUL.
  • Good addon.
  • Your extension, Omnibar, accompanied my every version of Firefox over the past 5 years. I regret very much that you leave. But completely I understand your point of view. Thank you so much and good job in everything you will do!
  • Omnisidebar IS THE ONLY FEATURE THAT WORTHS IN FIREFOX(.) So, when it stop working, there is no reason to keep using a piece of software that most government and finance entities do not support because of its lack of professionalism.
    I wonder if you will keep working with the folks of palemoon. Please let me know to see if I will fully drop the Mozilla platform.
    Thank you for your effort, not just to make a great extension, but to have the patience to deal with the stupid Mozilla bureaucracy.
  • I've appreciated your work and I feel sorry to see you go this way but I understand the reasons. Thank you and farewell !