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  • The Perfect fit addon for those Minimal Lover's like myself.
  • Sometimes it doesn't make any suggestion, but when i write another letter it makes suggestions again. (Sorry about english if there is any mistake)
  • I've been using this for around 2 years now, and I enjoy it immensly! However, the "Switch to Tab" problem needs to solved asap. Omnibar is suppose to make the location bar better, not worse by striping one of its feature by default.

    For those who don't mind the (very rare) overwritting issue, "Switch to Tab" can be mannually enabled by setting "extensions.omnibar.disableshowintab" to false in about:config
    The problem is that it is Firefox's behavior and I haven't found a way to fix that. Its maybe better not to disable "Switch to Tab" by default and provide the option to those that need it.
  • Works like a charm when combined with url-addon-bar.

    The only thing annoying is that while typing, the drop-down list sometimes covers the IME candidate window.
    The reason is that by default, Firefox stops showing results when IME window pops up whereas with Omnibar installed, search results start showing up on top of the IME window. Last time I tries to work it around there was no fix for this issue. Will try once again to see if something can be done to prevent this behavior. Thanks!
  • I use multiple keyboard layouts (English and Russian), and therefore am writing queries in two languages. But search engine can only have one keyword (on english or russian). So, if Google has a keyword "g", and my query in Russian, I'll have to switch the layout only for one character. It's annoying!

    I know it's none of your business (Firefox is designed so), but it would be great if Omnibar will able to recognize a few keywords for each search engine. For example, if Google has a keyword "g, г" ("г" is a cyrillic letter, analog of "g"), Omnibar would consider keywords "g", and "г".

    Sorry for my english :)
    Interesting use case. Having 2 different keywords will help you having to avoid keyboard layouts. I could give it a try. :)
  • Hi

    great addon but I noticed an annoying usability problem (Edit while writing: I've seen someone already reported here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/omnibar/reviews/523379/ )

    Well, I'll wait for the fix :)

    Is it possible having an ETA ? (more or less)

    Thanks in advance
    Edit: Fixed. Latest update should have it now. Check all versions page to get it while the update is being reviewed.
  • Broken

    no use at all
    Normally it works, though in some cases it might not due various reasons such as conflicts with other addons. You could send me an email to trouleshoot the problem you are facing.
  • If the result was opened in a second tab, the URL in the first must be restored without reloading it:
    1. Write in Tab 1 Urlbar any address. ie: "http://mozilla.org"
    2. Write something in Tab 1 Urlbar. ie: "hello world"
    3. Open the search results in a new tab or simply click if such option is already active..
    The results are Tab 2 is opened with the search, Tab 1 Urlbar keeps "hello world"
    Tab 1 Urlbar should show "http://mozilla.org" instead of "hello world"

    Chrome has the same problem. IE does not.
    Edit: Fixed. Latest update should have it now. Check all versions page to get it while the update is being reviewed.
  • Hi, I really love this extension, but I have the same problem as mentioned in this review https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/omnibar/reviews/490166/ , if I start writte something starting with a "m", its replace by "h", "mozilla" become "hozilla", not fun at all :p
    Thanks for reporting the issue. It seems to happen due to Firefox autocomplete replacing m with the https address of an existing tab. Will take a look and see if there is a way to fix this.

    Edit: Latest update should fix it now by disabling show in tab.
  • Make default in FF?
  • Very handy, but kills the "grey Search Engine FavIcon" option for themes such as Default Mod. Any way to make the two play nice?
  • Very useful Scroll Search Engines add-on doesn't work (scroll) anymore when Omnibar installed. Please, consider a fix. Thanks.
  • Worked without doing anything. Cool. On the right of location bar - omnibar is included. You can remove by right clicking on that. Anyway that is not distracting. You have enough space after merging Search Car with Location bar.
  • Cleaver little plug in which does what it says on the tin.
  • Works really well, I just dont agree with an usability issue, I think default focus should be the address bar, not google on the new page.
  • Fits perfect with my FF 21.0 and google.at Extra.Good interaction in use with "Tab Mix Plus" (Bottom Tabs) & "All-In-One Sidebar" & Add-On Bar (I prefer an empty & disabled Navigation-Bar).
  • Good add-on overall but reporting a bug (sorry to report here instead of via email/site...but site didn't work for me and didn't see an email)...

    In some cases, the predictive text results are overwriting text being typed into the address/search bar.

    To Recreate:
    1) From a fresh install regular/portable FF v22: close the starting tabs, install most recent Omnibar, restart FF, and Ctrl+Shift+Del to clear history

    2) You will be opening 3 tabs, get the URLs ready in notepad and paste the first 2:
    Tab 1 - URL of this addon from addons.mozilla.org
    Tab 2 - URL of Google homepage

    3) In 3rd tab, begin typing "mozilla". On "m", you should see it replaced with the URL from Tab 1.

    As you then type "oz", it will overwrite all but the first char of the URL and leave you with "hoz" instead of "moz".

    I would expect the URL of tab 1 to appear below where I'm typing, but not actually overwrite my input (in this case the "m" of "mozilla").

    To anyone else experiencing this issue, I have found that the foobar addon also gives combined search/address bar functionality without having this bug. I haven't tried any advanced searches but basic searches and google search operators such as "-" seem to work correctly.
    Thanks for reporting the issue in detail. Somehow I missed this while you reported it. It was reported by another user too. It seems to happen due to Firefox autocomplete replacing m with the https address of an existing tab. This should be fixed once I find a way to stop Firefox from autocompleting m to the "Switch to tab" URL.

    Edit: Latest update should fix it now by disabling show in tab.
  • Its a good one since, it saves space on your bar. By using it, you can increase address bar, which is convenient, for viewing web addresses.

    But, this addon changes the default search engine behavior. My default was 'Google ! Felling lucky ', but now, I can't use it. Every time, I search, it searches from, the installed search engines.
    This behavior is changed, if I uncheck 'Enable search without keyword or operator', but then, it does not use any search engine at all.
  • There is a big problem when typing Chinese using a input method. As we know, one or more letters are needed to input a Chinese character. However when using Omnibar , the drop-down list of the address bar appears and covers the select box of the input method after I input a character and is typing the next one. That makes me can't see whether the next character is typing correctly.Without this add-on, the firefox control it's behavior of the address bar perfectly : once I key in a letter, even the character is still in the select box, the drop-down list won't show any more untill I delete the letter or complete the character input. I've tryed disable showing the suggestion in the add-on's option but the problem still exist.
  • if you have Twitter Address Bar Search installed alongside this add-on, Tools > Add-Ons > Omnibar > Preferences > Display options > Select search operator > ` ...is your friend.
  • This is probably the addon that made the most difference in my Firefox usage. I love the concept of omnibar, thanks for the great addon.
  • I suggest everybody to try this with Mozilla Labs Oneliner - perfect tandem that allow mimicking the behaviour of IE tabs and making them in line with LocationBar and Search Bar. Both extensions are indispensible for a device with small screen
  • very good,thank you,I find that I cannot do without it
  • good, it like google chrome search bar, thank you
  • I've tried this on Mac, Linux, and Windows versions of Firefox and it seems to work great on all of them. We've been looking for something that would allow us to use FF on all 3 platforms, and this looks like a great solution! Thanks for creating something so useful!