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  • Great addon, very useful and easily customizable. The only thing needed to be perfect is the ability to choose if the search result open in a new tab or the current one. Or is it already possible and I missed it?
    Try Alt+Enter.
  • Actually, downgrading did the trick (Version Everything works fine now (Firefox 31). So, it has to be the problem with Omnibar, not with Firefox or anything else. Something obviously went wrong in the latest release of your addon....

    As I said, please, fix it.

    Thank you.
    Will take a diff and see what makes the difference. For me and most of users, search suggestions works fine with FF30+ and latest version of Omnibar. Note that in older version of Omnibar clicks in autocomplete popup is broken with newer version of Firefox. Thanks.
  • Simple and effective. I love it.
  • It was good earlier now it is not showing suggestion from Google.
  • Good addon, but doesn't work with https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/organize-search-engines/ so I can't change search. The more interesting thing is OSE works with https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/foobar/ .
  • Love this add-on but after first restart it doesn't show suggestions from Google. Tried with new profile but the same problem happened.
    Sorry about the problem Send me an email at ajit [at] distill.io and I can help you diagnose the problem. Thanks!
  • It's a really great addon I've ever used b/4.
    There are 2 suggestions which if can be added the addon will be perfect.
    1. AutoPopup the menu list when mouse moved on the icon of search engine
    2. If can let the user setup the shortcut by themselves, such as a simple "B" to trigger the action.
    Above 2 functions can greatly Improve the using experience ; pls help do consider adding them into the updated version.
    Thanks for the feedback. Regarding 2, what do you mean by actions? We can discuss your idea via email.
  • Нужное дополнение, но на FireFox30+ НЕ могу удалить историю заполнения форм при удалении всей истории (Ctrl+Shift+Del).
    То есть OmniBar блокирует данные заполнения в формах. Очень растроен по этому поводу!!!

    Where I delere all history from FireFox30 - OmniBar BLOCK Form history.
    And I anyway can't remove Form history.
    Very SAD!!! Pls FIX it!!!
    Omnibar does not block you from removing form history. You are remove entries from history by pressing DEL key in the suggestion list.
  • Great addon but it is missing one important thing; an option that organizes suggestions/results/bookmarks in groups. Right now everything is mixed up together and it ruins what could be an outstanding experience. Please consider including such organization features.
    Omnibar defaults' to Firefox's default method of presenting and organizing search engines. To keep things simple, Omnibar does not have any plans to add any form of custom organization features other than those provided by Firefox's "Manage Search Engines'. If you would like to make it happen, you might consider contributing to https://github.com/ajitk/omnibar. Thanks!
  • I am a long time user and I've noticed the same issue as Metaller666 - search suggestions no longer appear. This is on Win7 as well as OSX. Still happens with omnibar set as the only active add-on.
    In Metaller666's case, the problem was not present when tested in a new profile. So I am not sure if this is Omnibar's issue. Do you see any error message in error console?
  • 搜索引擎符号不能显示在地址栏。
  • I've always loved this addon but it hasn't showed me search suggestions for a few days. If I reinstall it, it shows me the suggestions again but only until I restart the browser. That's very annoying and so I'm using 'Foobar' until this issue is resolved.
    Thats weird. Do you have something else installed that affects urlbar behavior?
  • This is more of a problem with Firefox than the addon, but the most up to date version of Firefox does not work with Omnibar.

    Only way to get drop down items to work is to make them open in a new tab.
    This should be fixed in latest update.
  • When I left click an address in the address bar, it refresh the current page. But the middle click (open in new tab) works fine.
    On Firefox 31(beta channel)
  • doesn't work. it makes a search instead of going to the link i click on the address bar.
    This is fixed in latest update.
  • Típico complemento essencial, uso obrigatorio no firefox.
  • It's generally pretty good. However, it seems to break Switch to Tabs functionality. In line with that, already open tabs matching the criteria are not listed at the top.
    Other than this one issue, I love it.
    Please set extensions.omnibar.disableshowintab to false in about:config.
  • Nice addon, unfortunately i have same issue as user WildcatRay. Few weeks ago I found issue regarding the selection of the link from a dropdown list. When I clicked to suggested links opens written word instead it (in google...).
    FF 30
    I can confirm the same behavior on FF32. I am looking into it. Normally it the responsibility of Firefox to open the clicked link in the suggestion popup. But in this case it seems that it is not calculating the correct index on a click and opening wrong URL. Selecting the URL via keyboard works fine.

    Edit: Initial investigation points to a possible bug in Firefox, it fails to update the urlbar with clicked URL. Note that CTRL+click works fine.
  • Normally, I am quite happy with Omnibar, thus, the high rating.

    However, a bug patch landing in the April 19, 2014 Nightly broke the search vs. select a link from the dropdown list functionality in the URL bar. When I type a keyword in the URL and then go to select a bookmark that shows in the dropdown list, I get a search on the keyword when I should be having the bookmark open instead. When I disable Omnibar, the link I click on opens as expected.

    I do not see anything obvious show up in the browser console or error console.

    Edited to add: I just tried in a profile with only Omnibar installed and the issue persists.
    That is a weird behavior. If it persists, do let me know and it should be fixed.

    Edit: Initial investigation points to a possible bug in Firefox, it fails to update the urlbar with clicked URL. Note that CTRL+click works fine.
  • Broken addon. "Maximum number of visible results" shows 20 even I make 50.
  • Works great 99% of the time, but when used with the NASA Night launch theme, the location bar suggestions popup becomes invisible (completely white).
    This can be fixed by changing the theme's location bar popup color setting to "use light popup background color", but that isn't ideal as I like the popup to be light text on dark background.

    Hopefully this can be fixed.
  • Pretty nice and handy. I thought the text completion was broken but it was really the Simply Pinned addon that broke it.
    Thats unexpected. Is it repeatable or happens occasionally? Drop me an email and will see what is going wrong. Thanks!
  • 挺方便了,thanks!
  • Uhmm... Google chrome styled functionality... Like
  • Really useful. I like having extra suggestions on my search bar.