Great Add On, and finally out of experimental Rated 5 out of 5 stars

With this add on, my Firefox has finally all of the great features available on Google Chrome.

I hope the developer keeps updating this great extension, as there are two things that would make it perfect for me:

1) Whenever I type, it is supposed to be treated the same as typing an address, but instead it goes to the search function.

2) There is some flickering in the suggestions whenever I'm typing something in the omnibar (I have the Chromnifox theme)

Other than that, everything else works the way it should.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.3.1b). 

It is going to be optional

The search engine icon can be made hidden. It will be made available soon.
For advanced users, one of the solutions that I gave was to (if you can edit your chrome css):

To statically hide it:

#omnibar-defaultEngine {
visibility: hidden !important; /*chan eit to hidden to always hide it*/

OTOH, you can make the engine icon behave like the standard "Go"
button (hidden dynamically based on url state). If you need the engine
icon to be visible only when you open a new tab or start typing a
query in the urlbar try this:

#urlbar[pageproxystate="valid"] > #urlbar-icons > #omnibar-defaultEngine {
visibility: hidden !important;