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  • Place the next code to "profile\chrome\userChrome.css" or use Stylish addon:

    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult {margin-left: 0px !important; max-width: 900px !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult .autocomplete-richlistitem {height: 20px !important; min-height: 20px !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult .autocomplete-richlistitem[actiontype="visiturl"] {display: none !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult .autocomplete-richlistitem[actiontype="searchengine"] {display: none !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-type-icon {display: none !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-site-icon {margin-left: 0px !important; margin-right: 6px !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-url {-moz-box-ordinal-group: 3 !important; font-size: unset !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-url-text {min-width: 500px; !important; max-width: 500px; !important; color: black !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-url-text[selected="true"] {color: white !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-separator {display: none !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-title {-moz-box-ordinal-group: 5 !important; font-size: unset !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-title-text {max-width: none !important; color: gray !important;}
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult richlistitem .ac-title-text[selected="true"] {color: white !important;}
  • Why is Oldbar now showing double-spaced URLs, and now showing website address Icons, desc. and URL. I was so nice when it justed showed URLs single spaced. This was a tool that did not need improvements....
  • Please update oldbar to work in 51 version on FF
  • bitte bitte ein Update, ich vermisse die oldbar. Mit FF51 geht's nicht mehr
  • Please fix, I miss my oldbar!
  • The add-on makes suggestions overall very clean and compact, but search suggestions look weird (moz-action:searchengine...)
  • This Add-On is a lifesaver, after the horrible change Mozilla introduced in Firefox 48. Thank you! I would like the option to have the lines be a bit taller with bigger font, that would be a good improvement for those who need it. Thank you for making this!
  • some bug with version 46
  • First add-on I install, every time, all the time.
  • :)
  • Love this add-on; and despise the very large smartBar type results.

    Be aware that for Firefox 43 and above this add-on is BROKEN in a fundamental way:
    Start typing in the address bar to get to a previously visited addr|
    Hit arrow-downkey to select the first address|
    Hit Enter|
    NOTHING Happens

    Tried on Mac/Windows can reproduce on both platforms.
    Using 1.2.-signed version of Oldbar tested on Win/Mac FF 43.0+ up.

    Fix for this:
    browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete = false
    Check https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1099228
  • В FF43 аддон сломался - при наборе адреса в адресной строке не переходит по нажатию Enter
  • Essential for keeping FF as simple as possible.
  • Мне очень нравится! Это более компактно.
  • Thanks, makes exactly what it should do.
  • Thank you for this nice add-on!
  • Small, effective, doing just what i was expecting from it.Excellent job!
  • I withdraw my previous comment: when I removed McAfee SiteAdvisor to cure the nonfunctional back arrow problem, OldBar started working just the way it should.
  • Works fine except that in Firefox 4.0 RC 1 the switch to tab item are prefixed with moz-action:switchtab,
  • All works fine, except for the fact that I'm not allowed to open dropdown results in new tabs with mousewheel/center clicks.

    Could you fix this, please?
  • Thanks for the 4.0 update ss.
    I'd forgotten how hideous the default dropdown is.
  • This Extension has fewer places for conflict, compared to the Kakkoii Extension Old Location Bar, with certain Themes that alter the placement of the Bookmark This Page button in the URLbar. I therefore recommend this Extension for users of the SpewBoy Themes Strata40 and Stratum Fusion.
  • Not a review, but I don't see where else to ask this.

    I love this extension, but I am greedy and would like a way to get rid of the giant green thing in the urlbar that announces the conventional name of a site and takes up 1/3 of the space? I don't see a way to do this, is there? Thanks.
  • Oldbar works just fine, but after trying it out on one computer while I got used to regular FF3 on another, I decided to go ahead and use FF3 on both, but I can't seem to uninstall oldbar. Help?
  • Works precisely as described, easy to use.

    The code is rather simple,

    function oldbarStartup(event)
    var urlbar = document.getElementById("urlbar");
    urlbar.setAttribute("autocompletepopup", "PopupAutoComplete");
    window.addEventListener("load", oldbarStartup, false);

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.