Thank GOD you made this ! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I recently install firefox 3 and i found out the awesome-terrible new bar...

I cannot understand why the new firefox 3 location bar is called awesome...i would call it : "Hell"

Why ? That's why :

1)I don't want a bunch of addresses to come up everytime i try to type.
2)90% of what i m typing is not a bookmark ( if it was a bookmark why should i type it anyway ) 3)90% of what i m typing and it's not a past search.
4)For personal reasons i don't want to keep history and i don't want history to come up with a typing of a single letter.Respect my privacy !

I hope that firefox 3 developers will add an option of disabling this in the final version.
Until then i will return to firefox 2 and if the final version of 3 still has no option of removing it i ll use your extension.

Thank you for giving me hope !