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  • for current Firefox (Quantum), use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fullscreen_plus

  • Thank you so much, That was really helpful fixing the full-screen bug in mac

  • While it technically does achieve the goal of hiding the tools/tab bar, it isn't a functional system. Assuming you do sometimes have to select another tab or bookmark, you have to mouse up to the top of your screen to get it to drop down, but then the menu bar and title bar drop down over top of the other bars, and the only way to get them to go away is to mouse back down over the webpage, but then that makes the tools/tab bars disappear as well. So it really doesn't work.

  • However, I'd like to see a more native look (Sierra 10.12.3) and my bookmarks toolbar disappears when going full screen. Also, the behaviour is different when pressing CMD+CTRL+F (toggle full screen) or when clicking the green toggle full screen butten in the top left of the Firefox window.

  • February 2017 and Firefox still did not fix the full screen issue on Mac. Tks to Arp and his "Old Lion Fullscreen" add on, we're all saved. Tks so much for that Add on.

  • January 2017 and this plugin is still the only way to make the damn toolbars disappear on OSX (10.12.2 Sierra) in fullscreen mode. 5/5 will download again. And again. And again.

  • Happy to report that this add-on still seems to work (June 2016, OSX 10.11.5, FF 47.0).

    I provides a fix (or workaround?) for a well-known, and unassigned, bug that leads to FF not autohiding the toolbar when entering full screen.

    Much obliged, add-on devs!

  • Simply installing this plugin makes the invocation of Full Screen, whether from the menu or hotkeys, cover the whole screen. A must-have for presentations or other no-distraction work.

  • Man, I was looking for add-on thank you!

  • Does what it says but don't bother with it if you're just using it to make toolbars autohide when you switch to Full-Screen. It removes a lot of the mac osx's native spaces full screen behaviour. If you want that try Toolbar Autohide by Sepand Parhami instead. I am not affiliated with this guy in anyway by the way

  • Restores full screen. No adverse effects.

  • I LOVE this! Thank you so much. I have been searching for a way to do this for YEARS! I can't believe I only just found it.

  • This add on lets me keep full-screen on my second monitor in 10.7 while still allowing access to the other monitor. Wish I would have found this years ago.

  • This add-on works well, and in particular keeps OSX from switching spaces when Thumbnail Zoom Plus shows a pop-up.

  • Superb. Thank you so very much.

  • Believe me. No more "Chrome" in MacOS.

    Thank you very much!!!!

  • I was searching ages for something like this and this is somewhat of the best i found so far! thank you.

  • It is what i wanted for long years. I will come back from Chrome to FF, for web browsing.

  • Pretty good. Doesn't seem to be compatible with multi-monitor set up. eg.: http://imgur.com/jZqX2ni

  • It's exactly what I needed. But after testing a reset firefox I noticed that your extension cause some laggy behavior in firefox. Please look into it and fix it.

  • Also fixes autohide for the address bar!

  • Awsome dude, one less thing now bugging me on OSX. Also like how succinctly you fixed this defect; one frickin' statement (line of XUL). Good job !

  • Thank you thank you thank you!

    This was so frustrating. I was honestly going to give up on FF forever if it weren't for this add-on.

  • Just what I needed for our project. Cannot find the "fullscreen button" anymore but the shortcut CMD+CTRL+F works fine.

  • Thanks sooo much for this excellent add-on !!

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