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Version 2.0beta1 11.0 KiB Works with Firefox 11.0 - 14.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.8 - 2.11a1

  • Style changes are applied to images in View Source windows too.
  • "No margin" option.
  • Checkerboard background option.
  • Ability to customize the text color used for error messages.
  • Preference changes are applied immediately to all tabs.
  • Apply/unapply styles on extension load/unload.
  • Port Bug 713383 - Directly viewed images should be printed with a transparent background on the body.
  • Handle Bug 717143 by overriding image sizes set by the the built-in resizer.
  • Handle Bug 713487 by removing the new sheet too.
  • Apply CSS classes to the image document body and image, for easier targeting with Stylish.

Known bugs:
  • I've seen some crashes as a result of this version of the extension. I can't reproduce them properly, which is why I'm releasing this beta version: hopefully somebody will be able to figure out a reliable way to reproduce (or better yet, maybe the crashes will turn out to be rare.)
  • The built-in image scaling code in Firefox is still used for most of the resizing behavior, which causes a few bugs when it comes to the wrong conclusion about whether an image should be resized or not, and the precise size to use. (e.g. images close to the viewport size may not allow you to resize them in Fx13, and the scale percentage in the titlebar can be slightly wrong). This is mostly an issue in Fx13+ due to Bug 717143, and I intend to fix it by completely overriding the built-in resizer.

Firefox 8.0-10.0 support is dropped in this release, due to Bug 185236 and more importantly Bug 678465.