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  • doesn't seem to do anything anymore. tried messing around with some settings like background color and stuff, and i see no change, image remains centered and everything acts as if the addon isn't even active.
  • Any chance you'll be updating this add-on for the dreaded Firefox 57.0? I hope so! I don't like the "new" image style any more than I did when I first needed to install this add-on.
  • This add-on is simply excellent; it brings some of the lost sanity since Australis.
  • All you have to do is disable "Remove default stylesheet".

    So, go into the settings for Old Default Image Style and disable "Remove default stylesheet" and this will instantly fix the problem.

    Just to be clear, this fixes the problem where the top of the image gets cut off when you zoom in. In order to have this problem, you have to have 2 settings enabled in this extension:

    "Remove default stylesheet" and "Center image". So, if you have "Center image" enabled, then you can't have "Remove default stylesheet" enabled.

    That's all there is to it.

    Beyond that, this is one of my "must have" extensions.
  • So I was having trouble with the below fix, as firefox would disable it as unverified once I changed it.

    So I tried playing around with some settings and looking at the Help for the settings, and it actually says how you can inject random code into the style sheet, which is what the fix does. Here's what to do.

    Go into Add-Ons in Firefox and choose Options for Old Default Image Style.

    Go down to Custom Error Text Color and enter this value:

    ;} img.overflowingVertical { margin-top: 0; }

    from the starting ; to the closing }.

    And that's it! No need to edit any files!
  • It WORKS
  • As RyogaU (and others) have pointed out, this addon is currently broken when viewing large, centered images, but the fix he recommended did work for me and now it works without any issues. For anyone else that wishes to try it, you can find the bootstrap.js file in Users\(your name)\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\either folder (check both)\Extensions\olddefaultimagestyle@etcetera. I don't know if the profile folder names are the same for everyone or not, hence why I didn't specify which one. To add his fix, open the extension file with WinRAR or any other archive program, then open the bootstrap.js file in Notepad++ and follow his instructions. Huge thanks to you for sharing it RyogaU, but I thought I'd help others figure out where the file is since I didn't know myself until now.

    As for the addon itself, it's fantastic. I use the NASA Night Launch theme (with a bit of jury rigging to get it working with Firefox 47) and previously it had a dark grey background for images, but even after getting it working on 47 it lost that feature and the background defaulted to white, which I hate. Thanks to this plugin, I was able to get it exactly how it was previously, and I haven't seen any other addons that let you customize the background for image tabs. There are a few for customizing the about:home page on new tabs, but those don't apply to image tabs for whatever reason. Thanks to Dagger for creating this, and again, a huge thanks to RyogaU for providing a fix for newer versions of Firefox.
  • Being able to set chequerboard background when viewing images is great for developers when viewing images with transparency to check if they're actually transparent or not...

    Bit buggy though when viewing very tall images (cuts off the top when zoomed to 1:1 scale)
  • This is a great add-on. But in this state it's currently broken because Mozilla changed their top level image css.
    If the image is centered and one zooms in, the scrollbar is locked and you cannot scroll all the way up.

    But there is a fix:
    If one is to add this line

    sheet += " img.overflowingVertical { margin-top: 0; }";

    between line 98 and 99 in bootstrap.js, this would fix the issue.

    I tried it locally and it seems to work, it would be great to see in the official version too, though.

    Hope it helps.
  • Cuts away parts of tall images like https://i.imgur.com/6ZL0F0w.jpg
  • I love this addon, it is essential for me. As soon as they changed it to that odd-lookin' gradiented grey background, I wanted the old, nicer and cleaner/easier to see white background.

    Keep up the great work, I love this add-on! :D
  • I love the white background an this add-on bring it back
  • This extension restores the functionality of correctly displaying images within a browser. I'm so thankful this exists and it's one of my favorite extensions!
  • I miss this kind of functionality on the new versions
  • Remember when add-ons used to be to extend the featureset of Firefox, rather than restore what was taken away for no reason? Well, at least there are awesome plugins like this, so that Firefox can still be usable.

    Works exactly as expected. Big thanks to the author for working hard to keep Firefox usable.
  • This addon give options to restore old style image displaying for Firefox which was the best way to view images in my opinion. You can also do some customization if you want to so it's more than just restoring to the old style. You can make your own style of displaying images withing limits of the addon.
  • It's good, but, I think it's fair to assume that most people downloaded this to restore the old picture display, considering the name of the add-on.

    However, we have to manually go into add-ons > Extensions and set this to center the image and have a gray background. That doesn't make any sense; the default settings should be the old style. I don't see how that's even debatable.

    I love customization but your default installed settings being the current inferior settings just causes the user to spend time customizing what they expected your add-on to do by default.

    Also, it doesn't work on SVGs at all :(

    EDIT: Ohhh okay. I looked it up and looks like the "gray centered" display method started with Firefox 11. I've always loved this display method because I think it's superior in all ways to the top-left white background display method. It's been a long time since I was from Firefox 3.x.x.x to the newer quickly-increasing-version-numbers phase (their stupid idea to compete with Chrome) so I did not recall that it didn't appear until 11.
    I think we have different ideas of what "old" means. The title refers to the style used from Phoenix through to Firefox 10.0 (that is, the browser's default background color without centering).

    (It's not the clearest of names, especially after the scope creep that led to all the various options, but there it is.)

    And yeah, no SVG support. Check my response a few reviews back for the reasons for that.
  • I love this, Great!!
  • I'm happy to inform everything is working perfectly now. It was the bug that the creator had identified was caused by the locale.
  • Can't imagine what bright mind at Firefox thought it would be a good idea to slap an opened image right in the big middle of the browser. Thank goodness for this FF addon!
  • In Pale Moon, setting a page background color doesn't seem to work. Oddly, the checkerboard option does work, but setting a custom color does not. Could you please update this extension to fix this problem?

    EDIT: Wow, I was not expecting a response so quickly, let alone a workaround for the problem I was having. Thank you so much!
    Workaround: append !important (e.g. "white !important").

    I'm not sure if I can safely make ODIS set !important on all backgrounds though (and even if I did that, the default would still be Pale Moon's #2e3b41 rather than white).

    The alternative is to use Pale Moon's own custom background color setting (browser.display.standalone_images.background_color, which you can set from about:config).
  • Perfect to restore the image position to top left as before. It has also other options to tune it up to your liking. Dev actively supports it and keeps it up to date.
  • Great add-on. Can you update it to center svg files?
    Okay, there are three problems with doing this that I can see:

    a) SVG is complicated (SVG images are closer to webpages than to images), and I'm not at all sure I can get centering that works for all SVG images without breaking anything.
    b) I don't want to add every feature that anybody asks for; every feature I have to maintain but don't use myself is another reason to put off doing updates.
    c) SVG documents are a different type of document to Image documents, and ODIS can't handle multiple document types yet.

    I'll have to deal with (c) anyway, whenever I decide to make ODIS work on video documents, so I'll try and do this then... but I probably won't be doing that soon, since I have other extensions I need to work on.
  • Firefox has become the Internet Explorer that I dumped several years ago.

    Thanks for this great (but unfortunately necessary) add-on.
  • I registered just to write this review. Like everyone else, I will use my first sentence to say it's a shame this extension is necessary, but thank you for writing it.

    For everyone else...

    Blame "user experience" experts for ruining Firefox. They are working on removing your ability to change the interface at all.

    The worst part is, they pat themselves on the back and think they're doing God's work.

    Somehow, while being in denial about the havoc they wreak on quality software, they have acknowledged that people are growing wise to the Emperor's new clothes that is "user experience". So now they call themselves "UX", hoping we won't know what it is.

    Take your "user experience", fold it until it's nice and sharp, then sit on it and spin a while. UX YOU!

    Five stars for this plugin, minus infinity stars for the self-proclaimed experts who work day and night to ruin quality software they're not talented enough to create.