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  • I really liked this add on. But on the new Firefox it does not run anymore. So please, if you find time for it, could you update the add on so that it runs also on the new Firefox version?
  • Would you like to hide images, videos and Flash in Firefox 57 and newer? See https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hide-images-per-tab. It doesn't block downloading, but it hides or shows images/flash.

    You also even configure it per tab. Your settings stay between Firefox restarts, too.
  • Clicking the "HI" button does nothing on the 3 pages I tried. Only using 2 other addons. Disabled them, and still doesn't work. Tried restarting Firefox; still nothing.
  • It should have an option to be toggled.
  • Simple, you just click and everything is gone and all that even before the page is loaded. The thing that I am missing is more options like the possibility of hide some particular pictures, sort of a picture always on the same place that I want to get rid of.
  • Worked fine before FF v54.0. (possibly "caused" by other addons disabling the new "multiprocess" feature of Firefox).
    Button has no more effect since v54.0 with "multiprocess" enabled.
    Before that, very usefull and fine working addon !
    I hope this recent issue will be bypassed in a next version :)
  • hi
    if you can make it disappear you could make it visible and saveable alone :)

    There is missing a good addon for Firefox which shows all media for seperate download.
    This could be you to do this! :)

    Like GetThemAll on Chrome:
  • Goooooooooood
  • Button appears in address bar but does nothing. Used to work ages ago but no longer
    It was waiting to be reviewed, new version works now.
  • Working as expected for me.

    Also combined with 'Thumbnail Zoom Plus' I can see them when passing the mouse over the image supposed place.
  • A simple click on its blue button.... a simple refresh. But there's nothing simple about either. H.A.I button didn't appear on my toolbar, and FF's advice [go into safe mode...] didn't work either.
    As to "simple refresh", that button doesn't appear in my FF40 either [and, again, when a setting shifts on FF it's basically unrecoverable, despite Mozilla advice to contrary].
    I despair of Mozilla: it's like Microsoft, obsessed with sexy features at cost of basic operating simplicity/reliability.
    Anyway, for an add-on writer to not assume worst [and include a hotkey] is naive. You shot yourself [and us] in the foot Mr. Erra.
  • Had to read the reviews to figure out how to activate it.

    Does not work. I'm on FF41.
  • Don't see why there is so much confusion as to how it works. There is a little blue button, and if you click on it the images disappear. Yes, if you click on it again they don't re-appear, but if you simply refresh the page, which is no big deal - just press F5 key - the images are back again. Simple.
  • * Doesn't hide background images.
    * Not really a button at all, just a dropdown menu.
    * No entry under Customize and doesn't play nice with the feature.
    * No other apparent way to move the button.
    * No way to hide placeholders.
  • Le principe est super, mais:
    - cela masque aussi certains textes en italique
    - très lent sur les grandes pages
    Je l'utilise régulièrement ceci dit.

    The idea is great, but:
    - it hides some italic text
    - very slow on large paes
    I use it on a regular basis through
  • It works but no indicator if the images are hidden or not if I clicked the "Hi" icon. You can do it by changing its color to grey.
  • Great idea to hide images instantly without reloading the page. But, it has few issues: to show images back you have to reload the page, it doesn't hide CSS background-images (look at current page "Search" button). But thanks for the good job anyway.
  • good
  • Why does this add-on hide all text in italics tags? Otherwise does a good job.
  • All good, i like it, but when i want to copy the text, dosen't copy only first text, it copies the text from hidden image too - the result is double text, even if the image are hidden.

    Can you make something for this problem? Thank you!
  • Not bad. Does what it says. Would be better if [Hi] button toggle visibility instead of just hiding images (oh, you say its not possible, but how about to re-download hidden images and put them in their original places? just like reload but only to images. I'm not into programming though, so im not sure). And yes, keyboard shortcut is highly desirable.
  • Simple and works well, thank you very much.
    +1 for keyboard shortcut suggestion
  • This add-on works quite well once you know how to access it. There is a sky blue "Hi" icon added to the address bar. Clicking the "Hi" icon hides all the images on the current web page. You have to refresh the page to restore the images. It is a convenient way to readily get past visual clutter to see the text of a page.
  • Click where? It would be nice if you showed that somewhere on the addon page, or in the description, then I could figure out if the addon was working or not, and I just didn't see how or what to do.

    But currently I cannot see what to do to make this addon do its thing.
    It's very simple and tested by hundreds of other customers: you install it, it appears in your url/address bar, and once a page is loaded you click on the icon and images/flash disappear (see screenshot http://i45.tinypic.com/nl3cbb.png). It also regularly tested my Mozilla at each updated, if it does not work it's some local problem on the specific machine/browser not depending on the extension.
  • was suggested already...
    Can you add a support to auto hide when opening a new tab?
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