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63 reviews for this add-on
  • Simple et efficace

  • 非常实用

  • Great extension!

  • Awesome

  • Simple, well-documented, and clean. Good job!

  • Very nice app!

  • Great add on.

  • Very convenient and useful extension!

  • Very helpful app.

  • Ok

  • git 的正确打开方式

  • No more going through multiple browser pages just to look for a file! This addon is awesome ・:*:・゚( ͡ºั ͜ʖ ͡ºั )。・:*:・゚

  • Has made searching so much easier!

  • Improves navigation in github projects

  • Fantastic idea. Helps save alot of time looking through directories.

  • 这个插件可以说是github上的生气吧,左边侧栏一键展开,不用自己一层层的往下剥。

  • Absolutely love it! My Github feels very empty without Octotree.

  • Works very well! Much better than navigating through a project using the github interface.

  • Works perfectly. Adds so much functionality to GitHub.

  • Best missing feature

  • Works like a charm

  • Very handy - all of my colleagues appreciated this extension immediately they saw it. Good job and thanks to the author!

  • So helpful! I don't know why GitHub doesn't already have this feature. Also, the icons are nice. Works exactly how you'd want it to work; great job!

  • it's freaking amazing

  • i love it!