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  • Actualicen para que pueda ser utilizado con la version 8.0
  • It gave me a message. That it did not work with the latest Firefox Browser version 3.6.8 Can they get a fix for this as soon as possible. Thank You. P.S. It was the New York Yankees background for Firefox.
  • I agree with Schneez - We need it for 3.6 please!!
  • Need it for 3.6 please!!
  • this is ok. i like some stuff but the stripes are too many. good job tho.
  • I really like this add-on. Is there please anyway that you can make an add-on for the Super Champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers? That would be fantastic. I also support your donations. My Yankees have one so please help out the football title holding fans.
  • works with 3.5.4!

    Great theme! thanks so much.
    was looking for a theme. World Series 2009.
    thanks again.
  • i do love this theme but from the moment it updated it doesn't work well with tab mix plus/color tabs when i go to options it on anything it defaults to a black color background and can't see whats listed unless you click on the text box for the drop down to drop then you can see....any ideas?
  • love the update! is there a way to make the menu background blue like my bookmark toolbar? i wouldnt mind that...man i love this theme now more than ever because i just moved to ct! jus makes me feel like im home in ny! anyway this is one of if not(the best)theme mozilla add on has in the sports section! ty nyy26! (please make a nygiants theme with the same flare!
  • Very nice although the pin stripes might be authentic (or closeer) in color and width for a shirt they are too much for a browser.
  • long time user of this theme! just cool as hell!the logos,hat,bats and home plate...even pinstripes are jus frigin awesome! ty so much...tryin to figure out why no ny giants theme? maybe with gaol post and players(rb,s/qb/wr/de or even work in the foot ball for the arrows! been waiting a long time for the giants to be this good! its time they get a theme with the same flare you put into this one!
  • Please Can U Also Create a NY Mets Theme Thank You!!!By The Way Your Yankees Theme is Beautiful I'm a Yankee Fan All The Way But My Husband Is The Mets Fan In The House
  • Please Can U Also Create a NY Mets Theme Thank You!!!By The Way Your Yankees Theme is Beautiful I'm a Yankee Fan All The Way But My Husband Is The Mets Fan In The House
  • Excelente
  • PLEASE create one for the faithful NY GIANTS!!! It would make my Charger fan friends angry and green with envy that I have that on my screen lol
  • I love the theme but I wish the pinstripes were thinner and darker! It downloaded and installed with no problem. But where are all the hockey themes? Please make a New York Rangers theme!
  • you have made my hubster very happy thank you so very much for the awesome NY Yankees theme. can you do a favor for a hoosier gurl born and bred (ME)? can ya please do a pacers (b-ball) theme? thank you for the kewl theme here we will use it very often!
  • This is a great theme but the pinstripes need to be more transparent.
  • This one needs work. The pin stripes are overwhelming. Work on pinstripes by making them more opaque and you might have a winner.
  • The pinstripes look more like prison bars and the icons should be brighter, stand out more. Still fun to look at.
  • love it
  • Love the icons but find the pinstripes an visual annoyance. They show up much to dark. I know the pinstripes are a Yankees trademark but I think visually it would look better without them.
  • Did not work with my Firefox 3 !?!?!?
  • best ive ever seen. ever.
  • I love this theme and works very good with ff version 2.0.0.xx, but in ffx 3.0.x it didn't work!!!
    Did it has bug for ffx 3.0? plz fix it, anyway i love this theme.