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  • Love the look. Along with using this, and learning how to configure TB using 'userChrome.css', makes it even better. The author is also friendly and replies quickly with assistance.
    Big PLUS in my book!
  • Been using this theme for quite some time. I'm not a fan of a Metro style interface. This theme breathes a little color and life into the spartan default interface. Hats off to the author!
  • Ich kann gar nicht mehr zählen, wie oft ich in den letzten Wochen mit den verschiedenen Themes herum experimentiert hatte. Gestern bin ich mehr zufällig über "Nuvola TB" gestolpert und habe es installiert. Ich habe das Theme in der Vergangenheit mehrmals übersehen, weil David Vignoni leider nur eine recht unauffällige, bescheidene Abbildung zur Verfügung gestellt hat und die geht inmitten der anderen Themes völlig unter.
    Um es kurz zu machen: Das Theme ist einfach wunderbar und dazu gehören u.a. die ausgewogenen Farben, aber auch die übrigen Gestaltungselemete überzeugen mich. Auch sieht es so schön ausgewogen aus und ich freue mich immer wieder, wenn ich Thunderbird öffne.
  • Einfach rund, aufgeräumt und optisch ansprechend. Ich liebe dieses Design und nutze es seit - gefühlt - 3 Jahren.
  • Excellent, very clear to work
  • I started using this theme after Noia's developer suspended work on that theme.

    The TB upgrade to version 11.0, seems to have moved the tabs at the very top of the TB main window, instead of below the menu toolbars, which makes it look odd to me now. Hoping tabs will be moved back to beneath the toolbar menus in future theme updates.
    Thank you for the review.

    Tabs on top is a feature of TB 11. On Windows Vista/7 the tabs are on transparent window border. If the menu would be above the tabs then on the Glass window it would be hard readable. I leave the menu bar below the tabs awaiting when TB can paint the tabs in title bar. If not and when this happens I would have to change the menu position again. The actual position is also consistent with Nuvola FF.
  • Looks slick & polished. Also I like the integration for Add-Ons like QuickFolders!
  • Both the Firefox and Thunderbird versions of Nuvola are very well done, easy to view and easy to work from. Icons are helpful and attractive. Highlighting of selected items is appropriate and clear. What a shame Mozilla doesn't make this the default theme for both apps.
  • Love this one & one of the few which still works with T-bird 10.0.
  • Using 1.12 and I love the theme for Thunderbird 8!. I was able to tweak it slightly to get a white background and the icons really are colorful on a white background. Great work.
  • I like having the same theme for FF & TB. Good job.
  • The clear, colourful graphics in this theme make it very easy to see all the important details for managing large numbers of accounts and threads. I enjoy the combination of simplicity of form and distinctive colouring that lift this theme head and shoulders above the rest. And did I mention that everything looks clear? Very eloquent, to quote another reviewer.
  • Hi,your theme is great, also for FF, I use the 1.10+ on both.But there is a problem with Nuvola TB (same with 1.10 as 1.10+) that the scrollbar is nearly invisible but gets visible when the mouse cursor hovers over it.Look here: http://img17.myimg.de/TBNuvolaScrollbalkenbugc90b7.png and http://img17.myimg.de/TBNuvolaScrollbalkenbug5fb8e.png

    Edit: no - now the same thing happens with FF - sometimes...

    Edit: Okay, I created brand new profiles for FF and TB. In FF the problem is gone for now, but in TB it happens from the beginning.

    Edit: So now I see it also happens on FF.

    It's so and so. Someday both FF and TB got no problems. Next day it's only FF, then only TB, then both ... ?
  • I was needing a change and searched for a new look. This is beautiful. The colors divide the screen up in a perfect way for me. Thank you for this wonderful addition to my choices.
  • This theme made my brand new TB 5.0 update look GREAT!!! Thank you, Paenglab, for the super nice new look! After I restarted, I was amazed at what I saw.
  • Great theme. Well like it :) Thanks.
  • Nice theme, pretty fast rendering
  • Great theme that fully skins TB 3.1 + Lightning. It also give the the menus nice little icons and will give commonly used addons like eXpunge an Nuvola icon. Gives fun but still professional look.

    The only thing more I could ask is for it to give Shadow912's buttons the Next and Previous icons. (But I'm not sure if this need programed by the theme maker or the button maker^^;)

    Looks great and matches Task Coach which also uses Nuvola icons. Looks nice with Firefox as well.
  • this is my favorite theme, but the 1.9 update makes personas stop working. I had to revert back to version 1.8 but TB keeps notifying me of the available update. Can anyone either advise me of a fix to this bug or tell me how to stop this annoying update notifier??
  • this is my favorite theme, but the 1.9 update makes personas stop working. I had to revert back to version 1.8 but TB keeps notifying me of the available update. Can anyone either advise me of a fix to this bug or tell me how to stop this annoying update notifier??
  • Love it! Great-looking theme that finally gives me some variation!
  • beautiful~
  • A very good theme, probably the only able to replace my old favourite Crossover, incmpatible to TB3.
    Only a suggestion: when you have multiple accounts in the classic view it would be very useful to mark in a different colour (red or blue...) also the name of the account which gets a new email, not only the icon. Then it would be perfect!
    Veramente un ottimo tema, l'unico finora in grado di competere con Crossover, un tema chiarissimo ma incompatibile con TB3.
    Solo un suggerimento: quando si hanno molti account da gestire sarebbe comodissimo che, quando uno di essi riceve una nuova email, fosse evidenziato in un colore diverso TUTTO il nome dell'account mentre, attualmente, viene colorata in rosso solo l'icona alla sinistra del nome.
    molto bello ma, soprattutto (è quel che conta di più) CHIARO!
  • I love this theme and I registered with Mozilla just so I could write this review. It's clean, crisp and eloquent. I love everything about it. The creator is very talented.