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  • уже осень,а обновления,обещанного летом нет... к следующей esr обновление стоит ждать?

  • Nuri and Oskar the best themes ever, I really miss these two themes specially Nuri loved the colours and the animation which made me giggle. I used to go through Nuri just so i could watch the animation, i always forgot to do what i was suppose to do... lolI am now using ff version 25.0 and have come to accept that there might not be another Nuri or Oskar :-( unless of course you update :-D I will keep checking.Many Thanks Askermag for all your time and hard work in creating such stunning Themes, she was very special.All the best xx

  • Hallo, wann gibt es endlich ein Update??? Es ist das beste Thme was es je gegeben hat!!! Leider kann es mit den Neuen Versionen von FireFox nicht benutzt werden. Daher muß ganz schnell ein Update her!!! Mein Dank eilt Dir bzw. Euch, schon mal voraus... Grüßle von Ecki

  • I don't think there be any more updates for this ''ultimate'' theme.. it's taking to long since this theme need some updating and what is most telling is that official site of Nuri and Oscar themes remove links for downloading for these two themes... I hope, i'm wrong about that and we see more of Nuri and Oscar themes,, these two themes are the best themes ever made for Firefox,,, there is no theme today to be even close that good, that's why i realy hope i'm wrong about future updates...

  • Oskar and Nuri the best themes ever. I will support you always. Thanks, waiting for updates or the next best thing. I'll keep checking. good luck.

  • обновите тему.

  • Обновите тему, пожалуйста.

  • excelente tema lo recomiendo

  • very impressed with the visuals. can see whats going on can locate icons quickly and easily and the colors are outrageous. love it

  • This theme is another level above what was my favorite one I ever used - which just became incompatible with a f*****g update to 17.0.
    TTYTT, I'm having a hard time not looking at it instead of the page I'm on. I'm sure I'll get used to it so that I quit being amazed so much, but this is such a great use of all the primary colors in just the right hues, and the little special effects on the bits are spread out and used sparingly and non obtrusively so that they honestly accomplish the feeling, for me at least, that the more I see, the more levels of detail and attention given to every part of the interface.
    Man, I sound gushy, but this is good!

  • O mais lindo e o mais perfeito. Amei.

  • I really like this theme. I'm a tech-savvy person who likes to do lots of things, and this just fits the type of techy person I am. This is the best theme, awesomely designed and nothing I can complain about. An additional option to make the dark blue something lighter like gray would be awesome but otherwise, keep it coming!

  • By far the neatest theme I've found on here yet. Absolutely love it! Keep up the good work

  • I'm delighted to see your themes returning. They're the best by far in the gallery. I see Oskar might be back as well -- this is great news for Firefox! I hope others catch onto your themes - they deserve to be appreciated.

  • Будет ли обновлена тема "Macfox" ?

  • If I were a lot younger I'd use this a lot.
    That's quite a performance !:)
    One thing I've noticed is that on XP the taskbar on autohide does not pop up. Never had a theme do that before. It has usual behavior with all others I use.

  • please upgrade this beautiful theme with colorfultabs addons.


  • This theme has come a long way since it first started out and I'm very happy to see it available for recent and upcoming Firefox versions.

  • The flashing! Oh gods, the flashing! Make it stop! *Everything* flashing... completely... different... non-harmonic... rates... Urgh! I think I'm going to have a seiz...

  • My company, employees & clients addicted to NURI theme. Is there any chance the author has plans on upgrading to Firefox 12? We all have been "forced" to upgrade to Firefox 12. Thank you!

  • It was good and today is lousy because developer fell into oblivion if not of the work by upgrading to the latest versions of Firefox have a 2 years!

  • I have used this wonderful them since you created it . I beg you to update this Excellent Theme for Firefox 11 or 12. please please please update the Nuri theme .I love Nuri !

  • Absolutely Wonderful My favorite theme ever.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update it for Firefox 11. I'm begging you

  • very good

  • Being an IT Manager, I run an office with 75+ Employees. We have to utilize a theme that you will not get sick of and be consistent in the office. So we voted on 5 themes and NURI won bay a margin of 25 -1. We've been using this theme for so long, we love it but will have to let it go since there is no version for later versions of Firefox.. Nurida must have been special.